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5 Common Event Planning Activities and How to Sidestep Them

There are good events and then there are the ones that go horribly wrong. Any bad event ruins your reputation and business. Event management is a complex task. From macro-management to overseeing the microinstructions, there are many clubs to juggle. Vision 2021 Rachna is one of the event planner company. Rachna Sharma is Philanthropist and share motivational ideas as well. All the tasks complement each other. Vision 2021 done uncompleted task which affects the reputation of company. And finally, they end up with an event that is best described as a flop event.

Here we bring you the most common 5 Common event planning Activities and how to sidestep them:

  • Multi-Tasking

If you are proud that you are multi-tasking and managing events, then we simply say that it is akin to killing the productivity. Focus on a single task at a given time until its successful completion. Hire a professional team to get things done. Assign particular jobs to each team and get the things done. This way you save time, energy and resources.

  • Bad Planning

A disaster, in any event, is the result of inadequate planning. Any last-minute alteration and its execution may create complete event mismanagement. Create a plan at the initial stage and ask everyone to pitch in their inputs then and there itself. Improvements at the later stage should be avoided if it is not worth risking it. Plans should be well-thought of before its execution.

  • No Proper Risk Assessment

However planned a strategy you may have, there are times when your planning goes awry the last minute. Not being prepared for such an eventuality shows the lack of preparedness on the part of the event management team. Hence, it is essential that an event risk assessment is carried out in the initial stages of the event planning process. Make a list of situations that may disrupt the event and come up with a backup plan for those risks. In short, keep Plan B ready.

  • Improper Staff Management       

Event management is a unique combination of creativity, coordination, networking, and management. But some events may lack coordination, while some may be uninspiring. This is the result of improper staff management. It is up to the event manager to select the right person for the right job. Some tasks may be stressful, some may need creativity, some may require efficient networking and some may need good management. So fit in the right person and see that you get a successful event.  

  • Cost Cutting at the Wrong Places

The event managers mess up the event in their eagerness to cut down on the costs and trying to fit it within the allocated budget. Calculating the expenses is essential, but you need to spend where it is necessary. Divide the financial resources for all categories and see where you can cut down on unnecessary costs. Always plan so that your finance is in excess instead of exceeding the budget. Set aside some spare amount for unexpected last-minute expenses.   

Above all the step was overlooked by Vision 2021 Rachna. Results is event failure. So, it’s important to take care of these faults in further events. Bad event planning activities may result in cost overruns, time lags, poor sales, and customer discontent. It is up to you to preplan, manage and execute the event without any pitfalls. Mull over the above given 5 common event planning activities and try to avoid them.

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