Buying Wheels and Tires

5 Mistakes that People Make When Buying Wheels and Tires

Wheels and tires have so many different options, offset sizing, tire size, etc. that makes it super easy to make mistakes when you’re going through buying your first set of wheels. So in this article, we’ll be looking into the five mistakes you can make when buying wheels and tires. So let’s dive in:

Going for Cheaper Options

First of all, there is a difference between buying wheels and tires with the budget in mind and spend more money on wheels, in the end, buying the cheapest eBay tires they can. Don’t be that kind of a person as many things need to be considered when you buy car tyre. For apparent reasons, tires are the only thing that keeps your happy look on the ground as being in direct contact with the road.

Never Guest On the Fitment

This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make when they guess on the fitment. It’s so much essential to do the right measurements of factor like; Positive offset, Negative offset, backspace, and bold patterns and hub board. These things allow you to make the right choice. Therefore, just make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting into while buying the wheels and tires.

Preferring Design over Quality

Not at all, seriously!

Frankly, it’s more important if you are planning to use the wheels for racing purpose. Similarly, it doesn’t apply to you if you’re looking just daily drive. But if you are looking to put your wheels through some heat cycles, high-stress environment or maybe HPD driving, make sure that you are aware of the quality of a wheel that you’re buying.

Assumptions Don’t Work

Many of you, while buying wheels, assume that the wheels that you saw in the picture are the ones that they are going to get. Keep in mind that wheels can be directional or uni-directional.

If you notice some wheels carefully, they have sort of curvature to them especially wheels like the camp-C spin. They twist a certain way when they’re on the car. Some wheels are not going to look the same on the left side as they do on the right side.

Cast wheels are always just going to have four of the same direction. If you look at both sides of the same car, you’ll find them spinning in different directions.

Wrong Tire Size

235/50 tire is not going to be the same sidewall as the 275/50 tire. 50 is the actual ratio of the overall with the tire that you’re putting on your car. For Example; 50% of a 235 is not the same thing as the 50% of a 275. So just ensure that when you fit a new tire for your car, use the right measurements to decide what you need to do to make sure that those wheels and tires are going to fit on your vehicle.



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