5 Stress-Reducing Eating Habits

5 Stress-Reducing Eating Habits For Better Digestion

Do you find yourself getting an upset stomach before an important meeting or after a long day of a heavy workload? It could be the stress talking. Yes, it has been medically proven that stress has a direct impact on your digestive system. What can you do if you’re prone to high-stress levels? We have just the solutions. All you have to do is follow some of these simple stress-reducing tricks to keep your digestive system functioning to its full potential.

  • Have A Balanced Diet

It may be tempting to reach out to those salty snacks while finishing a project or you may be tempted to gobble up an entire chocolate bar. Controlling such instinctive eating tendencies will go a long way in keeping your bowels stable. In fact, try and eat foods that are soothing for your digestive system. You can go for mild yogurts, simple rice or basic sandwiches that are not spicy or heavy. This way the stomach should be able to digest the food in no time.

  • Follow A Schedule

Eating on the go is an absolute no-no for the digestive system. Try and follow a set routine where you take at least 20 min to 30 min to eat your food. This way your system will get used to a cycle which it will follow automatically even during a stressful period. You can also read this article for better digestive health.

  • Control Your Urge To Overeat

Another factor that many of us miss out when we’re going through a stressful period is overeating. You can begin control this urge by being more in tune to your body and understanding its needs. When your body is hungry you’ll feel hunger pangs and when your body also gives clear signs of being full while eating. Start noticing these signals and respond to your stomach’s needs accordingly. Mindlessly eating even if your body is not hungry or not eating on time are all alarm bells waiting to ring during a stressful period.

  • Chew Your Food Properly

Chewing your food thoroughly during your meal takes care of half the work of your digestive system. There’s a tendency for people to swallow food when they’re in a rush or to save time. But this is very harmful and leaves your food in your stomach for longer because of the digestion process. This further leads to bloating, stomach aches and other troubles that get aggravated due to stress.

  • Have Water 20 Minutes Before Meals

While water is good for your body, drinking water just before a meal washed away the important digestive enzymes that help in fast processing. The tendency to start salivating on seeing food is a positive indicator that your digestive system is functioning properly. So drink water at least 20 minutes before your meals but never during a meal.

While these practices are just some ways to reduce your stress, it’s always better to try additional stress-relieving activities like exercising, yoga, therapy, and counseling to subdue stress activators completely.  

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