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5 Truths about Eyelid Surgery You Should Know

Eyelid cosmetic surgery also goes by the name “blepharoplasty,” and it can help you to treat puffy eyelids, baggy eyes, excess eyelid skins, droopiness, as well as other eyelid-related problems that make you older, tired, and even angry. Usually, these things manifest when people are in their 30s or even 40s, and although each person ages differently, or depending on various factors, in some cases, even younger people think about the benefits they can achieve from the eyelid surgery in Atlanta.  During the surgical procedure, your surgeon will remove the excess skin as well as the fat carefully that could come with facial aging.

Know that blepharoplasty is a procedure that a board-certified surgeon must perform correctly to ensure you achieve the best results. Before you commit, here’s what you should know about the surgery.

It Provides Subtle Results

You should not consider this surgery if you are hoping for some major transformation results. Your face structure will not change at all, and it will not make you appear different. Rather, you will look somewhat refreshed and perhaps you will appear even more youthful after the eyelid surgery. Your eyes will appear more open and brighter, but not in a way that appears unnatural.

Choose the Right Surgeon

If there is one thing you should know about eyelid surgery, it is that the quality of the surgical results all depends on the expertise and skill of the plastic surgeon you choose for the surgical procedure. Some of the important factors you need to look out for include:

Board Certification

Note that if you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon, it will serve as an assurance that you will receive treatment according to the strictest quality and standards of care. Some surgeons, such as those at Crispin Plastic Surgery go through series of certifications to upgrade their position.


Keep in mind that it is not enough to find a plastic surgeon who has enough practice in this field and who can help you diagnose the right procedure. Since they have experience with many surgeries in blepharoplasty, in particular, they can ensure successful results.

Professional Personality

To ensure the best possible results, it is essential that you get along with your surgeon first. You should choose to work with someone who makes you feel at ease. If the staff evaluates your condition and the procedure in a different way, you should continue to search for one that makes you feel comfortable.

Being Nervous about the Surgery is Normal

Keep in mind that it is quite normal for you to feel nervous about the procedure, few days before the surgery. There may be some risks involved with the surgery and it is possible that you also worry about whether you will like the results or not. In most cases, people are happy with the surgical results of their eyelid surgery. For over 90% of people, the results are 90% worth it.

The Final Results Take Some Time

Although the initial swelling will most likely subside just a few weeks before the procedure, residual swelling is something that will persist for at least a year after the eyelid surgery. Until the results of your surgery are final, your eyes will not appear exactly as you were hoping they would appear. Your eyes may appear somewhat puffy, and you may even notice asymmetry. Usually, this waiting period is often frustrating and if you aware of it right before time, it can be simpler for you. You can discuss the healing phase with your surgeon and discuss everything about what you should expect.

Plan the Recovery Phase Ahead of Time

So many people take about 10-25 days off from their work after the eyelid surgery. It is vital that you follow the instructions of your plastic surgeon as you recover. Relax rest and be sure that any medications you take need to should be surgeon prescribed ones. You should create a clean sanctuary for yourself, and it has to be comfortable. You should make sure you have enough water, food, and important elements. You should keep people around you who would help you during the healing period.

As you can see, opting for the eyelid surgery is not something difficult and it is an easy decision, as long as you are aware of these factors.  Note that the main goal of the eyelid surgery is to address sagging or excess skin in the eyelid area, which causes an impaired and drooping eye effect, rather than removing wrinkles and lines. However, in some cases, your surgeon could combine the procedure with other non-surgical ones like Botox, to help improve some effects like crow’s feet and other drooping effects.

For best results, you should consult your plastic surgeon and ask him or her any questions you have in mind.


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