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6 Steps to Prepare for Your Office Redesign

Startups and large corporates are making way for new agile offices to meet the demands of millennials. The new generation of workforce is no longer satisfied with the cubicle work structure. Be it a tech startup or a banking conglomerate, employees these days want a work environment that encourages positivity and innovation. If you’re still stuck with an age-old office design, it’s time to consider a change. We’ve listed below a 6-step checklist to make the transition to your new office interiors as smooth as possible.

Make the Calendar Your Best Friend

Office redesign is a time-consuming activity with multiple teams and vendors involved. For proper, hassle-free execution, it’s important to have a calendar of activities in place. Preparation, planning and quick installation are the key factors that will help in the smooth completion of an office redesign project. Don’t forget, it is critical that employees aren’t disturbed and work is not hampered during this transition period. Have a clear step by step action-plan broken up into mini-projects and factor in delays and back-ups in case a particular activity doesn’t go as planned.

Make Smart Investments

Changing the interiors of your office is going to eat into a large part of your finances. Make it worth the money. Conduct market surveys, check with peers and competition on the office structure they’ve incorporated, look outside your domain and don’t shy away from adapting to newer designs and layouts. As the money invested is for the long-term, keep in mind the growth of the business, number of employees in future, changing climate conditions, availability of parking spots, washrooms, cafeteria space. The new design should sustain for at least the next 10 years.

Get Professional Support

While it may be tempting to get your internal logistics team to handle the work, a professional approach would guarantee a better output. There are several office refurbishment companies in the market that focus solely on office redesign. These teams have vast experience and knowledge of working with different types of office setups and may be able to provide valuable insights that can have long-term impact. They will take up the complete responsibility, right from creating makeshift space for employees till the renovation is complete, to checking electric and plumbing lines for smooth functioning.

Liquidate Your Existing Office Material

It is fun to throw away the old for brand new furniture and fittings. But not all old material is damaged, in fact, much of the old structure might be reusable and could come handy elsewhere. To avoid unnecessary wastage try going the unconventional route of office furniture liquidation. Not only will you be able to remove unwanted material in a systematic and professional manner, but you’ll be able to make some extra cash in the bargain. This money can be further reinvested into the business.

Factor in Some Fun

Gone are the days of clinical, boring office designs that focus only on productivity, without thinking of the employees. The new-age office culture encourages fun spaces, quirky furniture and motivational memorabilia to encourage the employees and create a space that they’d love to come to every day.









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