Perfect Swimwear

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Swimwear

Is finding a swimsuit that blends perfectly with your style and accentuates your positive features playing a hurdle? Or, are you having difficulty in understanding which swimsuit will suit you the best and will aptly camouflage the bulges? Swimsuits are something that should be chosen with utmost care and attention so you do not end up showing off too much skin.

An ideal swimsuit is one that gives apt coverage to areas where it is most needed and camouflages any bulges in your body. Starting from bikinis to a crochet one piece, there is an infinite range of fashion swimwear pieces but to be able to select a piece that best suits your figure, we have outlined some tips which will guide you in choosing the perfect swimwear for yourself!

Know your body shape

First of all, you need to understand the shape of your body. Those with voluptuous figures need to be very selective about the type of swimwear they choose. Women with pear-shaped bodies should pick swimwear that draws the attention from the midriff to their chest and shoulders.

Having a few cuts at the sides of the swimsuit can help create an illusion of a thinner waist but if you have too much flab on your waist then stay away from swimsuits that reveal too much midriff. Go for a one piece swimwear if you want to hide tummy flab. Swimsuits with halter necklines look great on women with toned tummies. Off shoulder, swimwear is another option if you have a well-toned figure.

Pick the right fabric

Make sure you are choosing the correct fabric for yourself. Cotton polyester blends work great for indoor swimming but for a dive at the sea, make sure to buy something that will not allow the sand to stand in. If you are looking for something that would prevent your skin from getting wet in the first place, you can pick your swimwear in fabrics with an inbuilt water repelling ability. These fabrics expertly block the water from reaching your skin and are a wonderful option for those prone to skin infections and allergies.

Pay attention to the fit

The correct fit is quite important in case of swimwear because once you are in the water, any loose areas in your swimsuit might make way for water to enter and make you look fluffy. So, choose something that sits perfectly on your body and is not thin in quality. Give special attention to the space around your arms and legs. If there are a few extra inches in these areas, get the swimwear altered so it fits you perfectly.

Try it out before you buy

Always make sure that you are trying the swimwear before buying it from the store. A trial will let you know whether the wear is ideal for you. Never pick a swimwear that is too tight or loose. The ideal fit is where the fabric falls comfortably over your body without any extra space left in between.

Go for the right color

The color if your swimwear is a great determining factor in how you look in it. Lighter shades tend to accentuate the bulges and hence should be avoided by women with large sizes. Dark colors look good on large bodies as they expertly flatter large figures. Two-piece swimwear with beautiful floral motifs also looks good both on plus sized women as well as on women with trim figures. Petite women can experiment with swimwear that has lots of ruffles and frills to look curvy.

Keep the accessories minimal

Keep the accessories to the minimum because that will divert the focus on your swimsuit. Go for simple suits instead of one that is stuffed with beads or pearls. Wearing a cute seashell or silver necklace and earrings would look good on any swimwear you choose.

Style it with a cover-up

A beautifully crafted cover-up can transform your boring swimwear piece into a ravishing swimming costume.  It also comes as a refuge for those who shy away from the idea of wearing a teeny weeny swimming outfit. So if you plan to stroll around the beach or wish to spend some time at the seaside cafes, cover yourself up with a crochet one piece or a semi-transparent swimsuit cover-up. That will make the look complete yet elegant.

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