Advice on Buying Your Wedding Rings on the Internet

How to successfully purchase a wedding ring online – Choosing your engagement rings or wedding rings is a big decision for most couples, as these tokens of love and commitment will hopefully be worn for a very long time.

With preparations under way for the big day, you would think that the wedding rings would be one of the most important items to arrange, yet they often get overlooked and left until quite late in the day to arrange. Because of limited choice of jewellery on the high street, much of which is mass produced and imported, many people looking for something a little bit different are turning to the internet to purchase their wedding rings.

Some people are a still a little nervous about making a purchase on the internet, especially when it is something as important as a wedding ring. One of the biggest concerns is getting the ring size correct as many people, especially men, will not have worn a ring before. This is especially true for titanium rings as they can be very tricky to resize.

People have made big mistakes when it comes to getting their ring size correct, from using bits of string or plastic to printing off scales from the internet onto bits of paper and wrapping it around the finger. All of these methods are very inaccurate and should not be used.

Worryingly a growing number of online customers have been into high street jewellers to be measured and have been given the incorrect size. This has happened so frequently in the past that it can only be presumed that this is done deliberately because the retailer knows that they won’t get a sale as the customer has admitted that they are going to buy their rings from the internet.

To overcome these issues, some online companies make the ring sizing process easy for their customers and make it hassle free for them to purchase their dream wedding ring online. Since most rings are made to order, if customers really are unsure about size you must try some professional wide wedding ring sizers so that you have the opportunity of measuring your fingers in the comfort of their own home.

This is important as having your finger measured just once is only a snapshot in time and that measurement could be as much as a whole size out since your fingers change shape throughout the day. Hands swell in the heat and your fingers are slightly larger in the afternoon.

Cold weather makes your hands shrink and rings will become loose and could fall off and be lost if the ring is too big to start with. Try typing in “Refundable Ring Sizer” into a google search to find a company offering this service.

Some retailers specialize in handcrafted jewellery with many of their ring designs being wider than those on the high street. The wider rings are becoming increasingly popular as wedding rings but you may need at least one size bigger if opting for a ring over 5 mm wide. As many of their custom designs cannot be resized it is doubly important right from the outset, to get the size correct.

My advice to those looking to purchase wedding rings from the internet, is don’t add to the stress of the wedding preparations by leaving your rings until the last minute. Give the retailer plenty of time to ensure sizing is correct so that they can get the rings made with time to spare.

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