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Apply for Credit Card HDFC and Make Cash-Free Transaction

Life is full of multiple tasks, everyday you have to face a new challenge. One of the biggest challenge that we everday face is to give up on our needs due to shortage of money. The salary date is fixed and by the time we come towards month end, we aren’t left with any amount.

Moreover, sometimes our expenditure exceeds our budget, in such times we want an extra source of funding that can help us overcome the trouble. Credit card provides the financial assistance and can help to support your expenses.

The user get the credit of up to certain limit and repay when we have salary in our hand. There are various card issuing company that provide this facility. Even HDFC Bank offers this facility. If you are uncertain about your budget and don’t have the source to manage the urgent needs apply for HDFC credit card and be on the safer side.

The Bank offers variety of cards to match the diverse living style of the customer and provides multiple benefits. So while you spend on your card, you are earning as well. The different types of card offered by the Bank are as follows:

Featured Cards- This range of cards include:

  • JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World
  • Platinum Times
  • Titanium Times
  • Diners Club Black

Co-Brand- Under this category the bank issues the following cards:

  • JetPrivilege World
  • Maruti Suzuki NEXA AllMiles
  • Titanium Times
  • Snapdeal Card

Super Premium- Super Premium collection involves:

  • Infinia
  • Regalia
  • Diners Club Black
  • JetPrivilege Diners Club

Professional- This category is uniquely designed for the professionals and includes the following cards:

  • Doctor’s Superia
  • Teacher’s Platinum

Premium Women- This category is solely build for the ladies under which the bank issues the to the card only to female applicants:

  • Solitaire

Premium Travel- This category comprises of:

  • Superia
  • AllMiles
  • Maruti Suzuki NEXA AllMiles

Premium- The category comprises of the following Premium Cards:

  • Regalia First
  • Diners Club Premium
  • Diners Club Rewardz
  • Visa Signature

Commercial- Under this category the following cards are provided:

  • Business MoneyBack
  • Business Regalia
  • Corporate Platinum
  • Corporate Card

Regular- Platinum Plus is the regular card provided by the bank.

Cash back– The customer can earn cash back on the following Cards:

  • Platinum Edge
  • Freedom
  • MoneyBack
  • Bharat

Eligibility to Apply for Credit Card HDFC

The following parameters are necessary to avail the card:

  • You must earn a minimum net income each month which is set by HDFC bank itself
  • Having a good credit history is very important.
  • You must be employed with a reputed and prominent MNC or any good firm
  • You should furnish all your professional and personal details correctly. No false information should be given to the bank or else your application will stand rejected.

How to Apply for the HDFC Credit Card

  • You will have to first login to Net Banking website. You need to mention the customer ID which you when you opened an account with the bank.
  • You will then have to click on the section of credit cards
  • Then you will have to simply follow the steps and this will take you to the application procedure
  • After that, you will have to fill up the application form. You are required to enter details like your full name, address,  net monthly income, date of birth, employer’s name etc.
  • The site will show you the list of all available options depending on your profile
  • You can then examine and thoroughly check the benefits, features annual charges, and joining fees of each card
  • Finally, you will have to choose a card that meets your requirement

It is not necessary that by availing credit card our expenses will rise but it acts as a lifeline in times of need. We can manage our extra and important expenses instantly.

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