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Best Credit Card For Students: Special Privilege To Fulfill Financial Requirements

Are you student and want a credit card for own financial needs? Your financial needs wouldn’t match with that of a working professional.

Have you ever think to get the best credit card for students in india? No, don’t worry different banks can provide services as a student should check the facilities and features, then you will decide to take.

To get the product they didn’t ask for a salary slip or income tax return copy. You can also get a low-interest rate, zero annual fees, and get reward points whenever you spend a particular amount.

For a credit card, one more important things should have, and that is CIBIL score. But when you don’t have a credit history, still a chance to get the best credit card for students. For this, the leading bank’s are ready to give services, but it depends on you which can you select to enjoy the services. Find out top banks features and benefits, which are available for the student.

SBI Student Plus Advantage Credit Card

  • This one can design for the customer who has available for the SBI education loan.
  • To get the product, should have a fixed deposit in any branch of SBI.
  • This can available like zero balance, renewal fee which is bound to appeal you
  • No annual fee if you make purchases more than Rs 35,000 in the previous year
  • For every Rs 100 spend not only get one reward but you can use the same reward points to pay off your outstanding balance
  • You will get a 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver across all the petrol pumps in India when you buy petrol Rs 500 to Rs 3,000
  • With SBI students plus advantage you can book railway tickets which will be delivered to your doorstep, pay all your utility bills, and all international spends will get 10* reward points
  • You can use this product within India or abroad in more than 24 million outlets
  • You can grab 5% value back on departmental and grocery spends
  • Easily transfer your balance

ICICI Bank Student Travel Credit Card

  • When you wish to go abroad for a study, you can use this to pay application and fees via online or physical swipe.
  • It’s convenient to use you can manage your living expenses as well as acceptable at all outlets that take a Mastercard
  • With this, you will withdraw cash over 1.5 million Mastercard ATM
  • You will get attractive merchant discounts and offers in India and 130 countries or 1,20,000 merchant locations
  • You can allow monthly e-statement through online account management features
  • Easy replacement with a primary card
  • And a very good features as per the name comprehensive travel insurance

HDFC ForexPlus Credit Card

  • Those students who are going abroad for a study they need this service because they need finance in different currencies
  • You can use it as per credit card, and it’s available in ten currencies which are accepted all over the world
  • When you don’t have an HDFC bank card, don’t worry you still can get the service. To get the facility need to visit nearest HDFC bank branch and ask for this with required documents

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