Bone marrow advantages and disadvantages

Bone marrow: advantages and disadvantages


Blood acts as the main and also the only transport system of a human body. It is with very much efficiency that blood transports each and every useful material that a body needs to continue their day to day activity. These materials are very much the secreted biomolecules that are very much required for the working of the body and also various gaseous compounds that are very much useful to the body. Of that oxygen is the most useful one that the blood carries to even the farthest extremities of the human body. The blood consists of different elements. It consists of the RBC or the red blood cells, the WBC’s or the white blood cells and the platelets. Each of the parts have a lot of significant function to offer to the body. The white blood cells are deeply involved in the defense mechanism of the body. When a foreign particle enters in to the body and mixes with blood it very much comes in to contact with the white blood cells which phagocytoses the foreign material. The Platelets are helpful in the blood clotting. When any injury happens these platelets are the responsible to stop extra loss of blood. The red blood cells are the cells that helps in the carrying as well as transferring the oxygen to the different parts of the body.

Bone marrow

However, these cells that constitute the blood is formed from the mother cell called as the bone marrow cells. Now these bone cells have a particular characteristic. This particular characteristic makes it very much special. The special characteristic is that they are stem cells in nature. Now stem cells are the special kind of cells that has the property of unmatchable potency and also unmatchable growing power. However, these stem cells can grow into different sets of cells. The bone marrow cells are also a particular kind of stem cells. They are present in the hollow space present in between the bone. They produce the blood cells that constitute the blood along with other cell types present in the body. The red marrow produces the red blood cells and the white marrow produces the white blood cells. Being a stem cell it is very much a kind of a research subject for every biologist as they want to learn a different pattern of growth of the stem cells and also its full capability that it has which can be able to generate a full organism from a single cell.

Transplantation in India

Stem cell transplantation or in simple language bone marrow transplantation cost in India is very much. It involves expertise and also a lot of important and updated methods to follow. However, the success rate is very much on the positive side with a different case history.

Repulsive action

If a patient has a problem in the blood formation they can be infused with bone marrow cells however after HLA typing as if it is not taken from a particular host it might be infectious to the patients and cause different fatal infections more commonly called as the graft versus host problem.

Future planning

However, research is going on in this matter and slowly it is expected that we will get to use more and more of the stem cells so that human race can mend each and every problem.

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