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Buy Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Online & Tread a Path of Financial Prosperity

Are you ready to make Mirae Asset Mutual Fund your investment partner? Not yet! Want to know more about its schemes and performance over the years before taking a plunge with a decade-long asset management company (AMC)?

Alright, then! Since making its debut in 1997, it has pioneered the growth story of several aggressive and conservative investors. While the former set of investors are running the ride of higher returns with the power of equity funds, the latter group is quite happy generating regular income with debt funds. So it all boils down to your risk-appetite and financial goals before choosing an MF scheme.

If you can afford short-term decline for a long-term jump, you better ride the boat of equity funds. In contrast, people with a lower risk-appetite should opt for debt funds that provide regular income to get their day-to-day life going. Mirae Asset Mutual Fund has all such schemes with best performance track record. So come and know about those in this article.

Top-performing Mirae Asset Equity Funds for Your Long-term Goals

Setting your eye on massive surplus money to carry out responsibilities like education and marriage of your kids some 20-25 years down the line? Then park your money in the following Mirae asset equity funds that have made many accomplish such goals by investing in the high-return proposition of stocks.

Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund

The fund invests the corpus mainly in equity and equity-related instruments to serve the goals of long-term capital appreciation. With such asset allocation, the fund, within 2 years of inception, has churned out a return of as much as 29.33%. In the one-year time period, though, the return is even bigger with 39.55%.

Mirae Asset Consumer Fund

The fund picks stocks of companies which are expected to grow from the consumption-led demand in India and across the Asia-Pacific region. Investing in these companies have enabled the fund to pocket investors with a return of 19.23% since its inception in 2011. In fact, the 1-year performance is praiseworthy with 40.33% return. Even the 3-year returns stand well at 15.15%.

Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund

The fund, with an aim to maximize long-term capital appreciation by exploring investment opportunities emerging from the growth of Indian economy and its structural shifts, invests mainly in equity and equity-related instruments. Since incepted in 2008, the fund has helped investors reap a return of 17.32%. On the other hand, the 1-year return of 32.13% only adds to the glitter. The 3-year return is slightly lower but respectable with 14.24%.

Afraid of Risks? Bet on These Best Performing Mirae Debt Funds

So all of you who have the agenda of capital safety can opt for any of the following debt funds that keep your money in fixed income instruments.

Mirae Asset Savings Fund

Keeping your money in debt and money-market instruments such as bonds, certificate of deposits, treasury bills and alike, the fund has handed out 7.35% return to the investors since making its way to the MF space in 2008. The 1-year and 3-year returns are 5.77% and 6.67%, respectively.

Mirae Asset Cash Management Fund

Seeking returns linked to short end rates such as MIBOR and CBLO, the fund invests in debt and money-market instruments. The fund has delivered a return of 6.67% since its inception in 2009. When it comes to 1-year and 3-year returns, they stand at 6.59% and 7.23%, respectively.

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Login

So after checking out the performance details of the funds above, you must have made up your mind to choose one of them, right? You can thus invest online by creating an MF login for you. All you need is to visit the official website of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund, navigate to ‘Investor Centre’ and click on ‘Login’ button. Soon a page will open asking you to enter your User ID and password. But being new to investment would require registering first before logging onto your account. So, you can find ‘Register’ tab to click on while visiting the AMC’s website. After clicking on the tab, you need to feed certain personal and professional details before getting a chance to create User ID and password for login.

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Account Statement

You can check your account statement by clicking on Statement of Account (SOA) under ‘Investor Centre’ tab. Thereafter, you need to enter PAN, e-mail ID (Optional) as well as password. The statement can even be provided on your e-mail ID by the AMC. Check for NAV, the total cost of investment and overall value of the investment, among others.

Mirae Asset Customer Care

Any doubt, be it on the NAV or return of the MF schemes, dial the toll-free number – 18002090777 to get all sorted out. The executives will listen to your queries and help resolve those ASAP.

Disclaimer – Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.


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