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How Can You Check Principal Mutual Fund NAV?

Principal Mutual Funds has been in the market since last 135 years and hence there is no doubt that the experienced fund managers of the company are well-trusted. The diversity of funds at Principal Mutual Fund has helped many people achieve their financial goals and live their dream life. If you are an existing customer or investor of the company and want to check Principal Mutual Fund NAV, we are here to tell you the details.

Checking the Net Asset Value (NAV) of Principal Mutual Funds is quite simple. The values are available online and as you know nothing can be as simple as getting things that are just a click away. So, now that you know NAVs can be easily tracked online but let us go back to the basics. Even some of you are well aware of the functioning of Mutual Funds, some might be a newbie. Mutual fund investments are subject to risk but they are only of investments that can give you the return rate of 15% on annual basis on average.

However, the returns are neither constant not guaranteed. Having said that, if you have the basic understanding of how the mutual fund industry works or are at least willing to know it, you will know that the right choice of funds and the patience can actually help you earn unexpected returns. Let us see how the NAV is calculated.

NAV Calculation Formula

Below is the formula through which the NAV of any fund is calculated.

NAV = (Assets – Liabilities)/Number of Outstanding Share

Here is an example, suppose a mutual fund has $100 million of investments, based on the day’s closing prices for each individual asset. In addition to this, the fund also has $7 million of cash and cash equivalents on hand, along with $4 million in total receivables. Accrued income for the day is $75,000 and the fund has $13 million in short-term liabilities with $2 million in long-term liabilities. The accrued expenses for the day are $10,000 and has 5 million shares outstanding.

The NAV of this particular fund is calculated as follows:

NAV = (($100,000,000 + $7,000,000 + $4,000,000 + $75,000) – ($13,000,000 + $2,000,000 + $10,000)) / 5,000,000 = ($111,075,000 – $15,010,000) / 5,000,000 = $19.21

Principal Mutual Fund Schemes

Have a look at the mutual fund schemes available at Principal mutual fund where you can invest in both the form of SIP or lump sum.

Equity Funds

  • Principal Dividend Yield Fund
  • Principal Emerging Bluechip Fund
  • Principal Smart Equity Fund
  • Principal Index Fund – Midcap
  • Principal Equity Savings Fund
  • Principal Large Cap Fund
  • Principal Growth Fund
  • Principal Index Fund – Nifty
  • Principal Arbitrage Fund

ELSS Funds

  • Principal Personal Tax Saver Fund
  • Principal Tax Savings Fund

Balanced Funds

Hybrid Funds

Debt Funds

  • Principal Bank CD Fund
  • Principal Low Duration Fund
  • Principal Credit Opportunities Fund
  • Principal Government Securities Fund
  • Principal Dynamic Bond Fund
  • Principal Short Term Income Fund
  • Principal Debt Savings Fund
  • Principal Retail Money Manager Fund

Liquid Funds

Fund of Funds

  • Principal Global Opportunities Fund
  • Principal Asset Allocation Fund of Funds

Principal Mutual Fund Online Application Form

There are different types of application forms based on the purpose. For instance, people who want to redeem their mutual fund investment, can fill up the online redemption form and submit it online itself. There are other forms as well which are as follows:

  • Trigger Registration
  • SMS Transaction – Registration Forms
  • CKYC Form for Individual Investors
  • Common Application Form – Completeness Verification Checklist
  • Declaration for Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) Form
  • KYC Application Form – Non-Individual
  • Systematic Investment Plan (For New Investors)
  • SMS Transactions Scheme Codes Direct Plan
  • Common Transaction Form
  • Regular Withdrawal Plan Form
  • Systematic Transaction Plan & Systematic Withdrawal Plan
  • FATCA & CRS Declaration & Supplementary Information – Individual
  • SMS Transactions Scheme Codes Regular Plan
  • Systematic Investment Plan (For Existing Investors)
  • FATCA & CRS Declaration & Supplementary Information – Non Individual or Legal Entity
  • Roll over form for Principal Pnb Fixed Maturity Plan – Series B16
  • Supplementary CKYC Form for Individual Investors

Each of the form is in the forms of PDF and hence is downloadable. So, the customers can fill up the form with ease and submit it as per their convenient time.

Disclaimer– Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.

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