SBI Credit Card

How Can SBI Credit Card Make Online Payment?

SBI is with you all the way. Whenever you need financial support, that time SBI credit card stand by you. It’s a common people bank, where you can visit anytime and take quick solution. The state bank of India offers various cards like shopping, dining, traveling, and entertainment field.

They can provide you phenomenal luxurious products. Which can use in multiple ways? This small magical product can use from the medical emergency to make SBI credit card online payment.

Nowadays every individual overloaded with home and office works. And the result, cannot make payment on time. It would put you in defaulter list. Don’t worry that’s why SBI can give you online payment option. You can register yourself and through own User ID and password can login the site. Find out which one you can choose.

SBI Credit Card Online Payment

Net Banking: For net banking service, you have a current or savings account in the same bank. With this process, you can easily make credit card online payment before the due date.

Mobile Banking App: Features of mobile banking and net banking is same but login with different ID-password. If you have a savings account, then pay bills from anywhere.

Autopay: When you have multiple cards, then it’s obvious to forget some. For your ease, the bank can provide you autopay. You can set standing instruction with a current account, so that on time or before the due date automatically cut the amount and send confirmation mail.

NEFT: When you don’t have the same bank account and want to pay a utility bill, then you can use national electronic fund transfer service. For that, add payee account number and other details.

What Are The Conditions We Need To Follow To Get SBI Credit Card?

Your eligibility, KYC, and income should be appropriate otherwise the bank can reject your application request. Before you can apply for an SBI credit card, should check online these details.

Eligibility Factor: You should be 18 years of age with a clear previous credit history.

KYC Factor: You need to submit identity proof, address proof, income proof, and recent passport size photograph.

Apply Online For A SBI Credit Card: When you are going to apply that moment need to keep in mind eligibility is the first step and it should be clear. If all things are as per bank’s norm then easily you can apply. Visit the official site, fill own information, KYC with recent passport size photograph, share registered email ID and click on submit button.

How Many Types Of Credit Card SBI Has Offer?

According to the bank, they can provide the product as per your needs. It depends which can you select and complete your desire.

SBI Lifestyle Card

  • Elite
  • Elite Advantage

SBI Reward Card

  • Prime
  • Tata Platinum
  • Tata Titanium

SBI Shopping Card

  • SimplyCLICK
  • SimplySAVE
  • STYLEUP Contactless
  • SimplyCLICK Advantage
  • SimplySAVE Advantage

SBI Travel Card

  • Air India Signature
  • Air India Platinum
  • IRCTC Platinum
  • Yatra

SBI Fuel Card

  • BPCL

How Can You More Utilize Your SBI Card?

One small product can carry the whole world within, and one-click tell you the advantages

View Monthly Bank Statement

The bank can provide you, the completed one-month billing cycle on your registered email ID. You can know the limit, spending details, monthly expenses, exceeding information, etc. It’s like tracker of your product they can capture single swipe report.

SBI Credit Card Customer Care Service

You feel free to call on SBI toll-free customer care. From the website, you can get their contact detail. The executives are in your service by 24*7, so that you can use your SBI credit card smoothly.

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