Can We Take Prescription Drugs through Airport Security

Can We Take Prescription Drugs through Airport Security

Remember the days when flying was hassle free and planning a trip only meant packing your bag and boarding the plane? that time, you didn’t need to go through all the security checks or bother about the restrictions. But today, the world has changed and there are numerous new rules for air travel. If you are one of the people who takes daily medication and can’t do without them, it is very important for you to have knowledge about the regulations which are implemented for flying with medicine. Most of the flyers will not think twice before taking a bottle of medicine into their luggage, but the truth is carrying medication on international flights requires a lot more thought than that. It is perfectly fine to travel with medicine, but only within the guidelines implemented by the security administration. So it is always advised to know the regulations beforehand so that you don’t face any problem while travelling.

  • According to the regulations, flyers can carry medicines in solid forms on the airplane in unlimited amounts as long as they are passed through the screening. And in case of liquid medication, if it is mandatory for you to carry it with you all the time, you have to make sure that the security personnel is informed about it before the screening process.
  • Flying internationally with medication is not that simple as many people may feel. The regulations permit the travellers to pack their medications in either hand luggage or check-in luggage. They are usually screened at the security by an x-ray, but you also have the provision to get your bags inspected if you have medications.
  • If you also have the question that can we take prescription drugs through airport security then you should surely consider the experts opinions about it. It is always recommended to keep the medicines in the original container no matter how badly you want to make more space.

carrying medication on international flights

  • Passengers are allowed to take all sorts of medicines into the cabin, no matter whether they are refrigerated medicine on airplanes, or liquid medications or pills, they just have to get them screened at the security inspection point. Irrespective of which medicine you have and how you plan to carry them, you have to make sure you tell everything to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).
  • When you are planning of carrying medication on international flights you have to make sure that you reach on time. The verification and security process can take some time, so it is always recommended to be on time for screening, so that in case of any hassles time won’t be a problem.
  • People flying internationally with medication should remember that their medication might be illegal in the country you are travelling to, so it is recommended to check with the embassy beforehand.

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