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DSP Blackrock Mutual Fund NAV Details Explained Best Here

One of the premier asset management companies (AMCs) in India, DSP Blackrock Mutual Fund comes with a proven investment track record of around 2 decades, serving different goals of the investors. It has a plenty of MF schemes to choose from – Equity, Debt, Hybrid Funds, etc.

However, one always glance at the net asset value (NAV) before selecting a mutual fund. Due to variation in market movements, the NAV changes daily. But you can catch the latest DSP Blackrock Mutual Fund NAV right here. So, without any further delay, let’s find them now.

DSP Blackrock Mutual Fund NAV of Equity Schemes

So why would you invest in DSP Blackrock Equity Funds? It’s because these funds have given towering returns to the investors over a period of time by investing in the high-return proposition of equity and equity-related instruments. Let’s check out these schemes and their respective NAVs.

DSP Blackrock Top 100 Equity Fund

One of the top most funds, DSP Blackrock Top 100 Equity Fund has offered a handsome return of 22.69% since incepted in 2003. While its returns in the last 1 and 3 years are recorded to be 13.49% and 9.25%, respectively. Currently, the NAV stands at 200.32.

What’s making this fund win over the investors is its asset allocation. Yes, the fund chooses equity and equity-related instruments of the top 100 companies by market capitalization. These companies are considered to have strong fundamentals, which help boost investor returns.

DSP Blackrock Equity Fund

Since incepted in 1997, the fund has provided 20.80% return to its investors. And it has given that return courtesy investing predominantly in equity and equity-related securities, and a few portion in debt instruments to make sure the liquidity requirements are met at best. Its short-term performance is also incredible with 20.03% and 13.16% returns in the last one and three years, respectively. Till now, the NAV was trading at ₹37.69.

DSP Blackrock Opportunities Fund

Although the objective of the fund is to generate capital appreciation over the long-term by keeping the money mainly in a portfolio constituted of equity and equity-related securities, a few portion of the corpus also goes into the debt instruments to ensure regular income for the investors. This asset allocation has ensured a return of 19.40% for the investors in a span of 17 years since the fund was founded. Even its recent performances are top notch with its last 1 and 3-year return standing at 23.82% and 17.56%, respectively. The NAV of the fund currently stands at ₹221.68.

NAV of DSP Blackrock Debt Funds

These funds, by virtue of investing in high-quality debt and liquid instruments, are ideally suited for investors seeking a regular flow of income. Let’s read some of the top-performing DSP Blackrock debt funds and their NAVs.

DSP Blackrock Constant Maturity 10Y G-Sec Fund

The investments made in this fund are dispersed across different government securities with an average maturity of around 10 years. With just a shade above 3 years of operation, the fund has generated a return of 10.38%. On top of that, its last 1-year and 3-years returns are also good at 7.06% and 9.93%, respectively. As far as NAV goes, it’s now at ₹13.58.

DSP Blackrock Government Securities Fund

The fund looks to generate returns by keeping the money in a portfolio of central government securities with an average maturity of 1-30 years. By following this asset allocation, the fund has posted 9.88% return since incepted in 1999. The reasonable returns of 6.01% and 9.77% in the last one and 3 years, respectively, have only brought smiles for the investors. The fund’s NAV, till now, stands at ₹55.08.

DSP Blackrock PSU & Debt Fund

It’s the debt and money-market instruments issued by banks and public sector entities/undertakings that account for the corpus of this fund. By choosing these securities for investment, the fund has provided a reasonable return of 9.34% since founded in 2013. The 1-year and 3-year yields are 7.18% and 8.85%, respectively. Its NAV currently stands at ₹14.47.

Note– The NAVs mentioned for each of the schemes are applicable till November 1, 2017. And as said earlier in the article, it will change daily based on the trading volume on a particular day.

DSP Blackrock Mutual Fund NAV is thus explained for many of the AMC’s equity and debt schemes. Don’t be too influenced by the changes in NAV as SIP, a popular and disciplined form of investment in mutual funds, ensures a reduction in the average cost of investment by buying more units during the market lows and fewer units when the market is witnessing a bull run.

Disclaimer – Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.

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