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Get Here the Nitty & Gritty of DSP Blackrock Mutual Fund NAV

When it comes to investing in mutual funds, it is altogether a different ball game. Don’t you think so? An expert advice and a rich experience can fetch you good returns. Yes, a financial expert with having years of experience and knowledge helps you know When and Where to invest so that you can reap the maximum benefits in the future.

However, not everyone can afford to hire a financial expert as far as investing in MFs is concerned. Thus, to help them out, there are plenty of reliable websites available, suggesting to invest in different schemes. But amongst a pool of schemes and fund houses, it becomes quite confusing for an investor to choose the best scheme from a reliable fund house.

Hence, to keep you away from this dilemma, we are here to help. In this article, we are going to talk about DSP Blackrock mutual fund NAV, allowing you to choose from its variety of schemes. Moreover, if we talk about this financial firm, it is a joint venture of DSP and Blackrock.

Both the firms are having a diverse and rich experience in the industry and with their collaboration, best known for offering a variety of schemes to invest. So, without much ado, let’s just describe some of its top-performing schemes in the article below.

Equity Fund

DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity Fund


Return Since Inception:22.57%

Started On:10 March,2003

1 Year Return:15.44%

10 Year SIP Returns:12.61%

AUM:₹ 3396.87 Cr

Minimum Investment:₹ 1,000

Expense Ratio:2.36%

Exit Load:Nil-1%

Fund Manager: Harish Zaveri

Portfolio Holdings: HDFC Bank Ltd (10.37%), Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (8.4%), Bajaj Finance Ltd (5.65%), Indusind Bank Ltd (4.88%), Larsen & Toubro Ltd.(4.7%), ICICI Bank Ltd (4.49%), Housing Development Finance Corpn. Ltd (3.93%), ITC Ltd (3.77%), Eicher Motors Ltd (3.76%), Bharat Petroleum Corpn. Ltd (3.75%)

Sectoral Holdings: Financial (41.45%), Automobile (17.01%), Energy (10.22%), Construction (8.94%), Metals (7.76%), FMCG (3.77%), Engineering (3.4%), Healthcare (3%), Services (1.55%), Cons Durable (1.52%)

Debt Fund

DSP BlackRock Constant Maturity 10Y G-Sec Fund


Return Since Inception:10.33%

Started On:26 September, 2014

1 Year Return:7.14%

3 Year SIP Returns:8.72%

AUM:₹ 137.79 Cr

Minimum Investment:₹ 1,000

Expense Ratio:0.49%

Exit Load:Nil

Fund Manager: Vikram Chopra and Vivek Ved

Portfolio Holdings: GOI 15/05/2027 6.79% (68.31%), GOI 24/11/2026 8.15% (25.37%), GOI 21/09/2027 8.28% (3.24%), GOI 15/02/2027 8.24%(2.37%)

Hybrid Fund

DSP BlackRock Balanced Fund


Return Since Inception:15.59%

Started On:27 May,1999

1 Year Return:16.08%

10 Year SIP Returns:14.36%

AUM:₹ 5922.21 Cr

Minimum Investment:₹ 1,000

Expense Ratio:2.47%

Exit Load:Nil-1%

Fund Manager: Vikram Chopra, Atul Bhole and Pankaj Sharma

Portfolio Holdings: HDFC Bank Ltd (4.04%), Bajaj Finance Ltd (3.63%), Tata Sons Ltd (3.47%),  Yes Bank Ltd (3.3%), ITC Ltd (2.59% , ICICI Bank Ltd (2.44%), Federal Bank Ltd (2.4%), Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (2.23%),Dalmia Bharat Ltd. (2.17%), Housing Development Finance Corpn. Ltd (2.09%)

Sectoral Holdings: Financial (25.07%), Construction (11.32%), Energy (6.21%), Automobile (5.92%), FMCG (4.75%) ,Chemicals (4.07%) , Metals (3.31%),Engineering (2.81%), Services (2.67%), Healthcare (3%), (2.52%)

Tax Planning

DSP BlackRock Tax Saver Fund


Return Since Inception:15.24%

Started On:18 January, 2007

1 Year Return:22.14%

10 Year SIP Returns:18.03%

AUM:₹ 3216.24 Cr

Minimum Investment:₹500

Expense Ratio:2.51%

Exit Load:Nil

Fund Manager: Rohit Singhania

Portfolio Holdings: HDFC Bank Ltd (6.29%), Tata Steel Ltd. (4.51%), Yes Bank Ltd. (4.05%),  GAIL (India) Ltd (3.3%), ITC Ltd (3.09%) , Housing Development Finance Corpn. Ltd (2.98%), ICICI Bank Ltd (2.94%), Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (2.66%)  , Federal Bank Ltd. (2.61%), State Bank of India (2.59%)

Sectoral Holdings: Financial (36.48%), Energy (10.69%), Construction (8.99%), Metals (8.42%), Automobile (7.61%), FMCG (5.77%) ,Chemicals (4.04%) , ,Engineering (3.71%), Healthcare (2.63%), Technology (2.51%)

Disclaimer – Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.


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