Five Ways To Take Good Care Of Your Humidifier

People who have a humidifier in their home should take regular care of it so as to ensure that the appliance will last for long and that the air it puts out is clean, absent of any pollutants. Without proper cleaning and care, the humidifier will run very inefficiently and you will put all the members of the home at risk of breathing contaminated air. Below, we list five simple ways to take good care of a humidifier.

  1. Regular Descaling

When you use a humidifier for too long, it can feel a little ‘crusty’ because of the buildup of minerals. These crusts will look like little scales and can easily be removed by using undiluted vinegar to wipe the appliance. Remember to not dilute the vinegar by mixing it with water. In case you cannot do this on a weekly basis, it is recommended that you only use distilled water for the humidifier.

  1. Inspect The Filter

Some humidifiers have a filter in them. Check out the manufacturer manual to see whether your appliance has a filter or not. If the filter is present, you will have to clean or replace it as per the manufacturer directions. Generally, you should be able to spot the filter by looking for a mesh at the side of the appliance. Click on the button and the filter should slide out comfortably. These filters usually attract microbes on its surface. As such, if you never replace them and keep using the existing one, the microbes will be circulated in the room. And people who spend a lot of time around such a humidifier will inevitably be at risk of becoming ill quite frequently.

  1. Humidity Level

As per the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor humidity levels must be limited to just 50% since anything higher than this level will provide microbes like bacteria a breeding ground in the humidifier. So, make sure that you have a good thermostat handy at home to check the humidity levels and adjust the appliance accordingly. And in case you can’t get a thermostat, you can also use a hygrometer.

  1. Clean Daily

Many people keep the water in the humidifier for several days at a stretch. This is a very bad habit. You should replace the water in the appliance every single day. When you take out the water, be sure to clean the humidifier thoroughly before pouring in the freshwater. And once in a while, hire a good humidifier maintenance service like Zipf-Air to service the appliance and keep it working efficiently.

  1. Sanitization

You will also have to sanitize the humidifier on a regular basis. To do so, fill in the water tank with white vinegar and let it sit there for about 20 to 30 minutes. When the time is up, remove the vinegar, rinse the water tank with freshwater, and wipe it clean. It is also recommended that you check the instruction manual for sanitation suggestions that are specific to your model.


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