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Pick These Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Schemes to Generate Capital Appreciation and Income

How do you choose a mutual fund company? You check the track record, right? When it comes to a successful track record, the prominent name that appears is Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund. Since making its debut in India’s asset management space, the fund house has prospered the lives of investors through a myriad of equity, debt and hybrid schemes.

While equity and debt schemes are for individuals with high-risk and low-risk, respectively, hybrid schemes are suitable for both types of investors. And you can find hybrid funds, which invest in both equity and debt instruments to generate capital appreciation and provide regular income, on the list of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Schemes. Are you ready to read those hybrid funds? Yes! Get started then.

Best of Franklin Templeton Hybrid Funds

Franklin India Dynamic PE Ratio Fund of Funds

Seeking capital appreciation at reduced levels of volatility, the fund boasts of a dynamically balanced portfolio comprising both equity and income funds. The allocation of equity funds will be based on the average PE ratio of NSE Nifty at the end of a month. The money you invest here will go to Franklin India Bluechip and Templeton India Income. Since the debut in 2003, the fund has provided a return of 15.61%. At the same time, its 1-year performance is also good with 14.60% return.

Franklin India Balanced Fund

The fund, with a view to offering long-term capital appreciation with the stability of income and investment, keeps the money in a balanced portfolio of high-quality equity and fixed-income instruments.  It made its debut in 1999 and has helped investors rake in a return of 14.60% since then. The recent performances bode well for the investors with a return of 18.01% in 1 year and 10.95% in three years.

Franklin India Life Stage Fund of Funds – 30’s Plan

Aiming to offer superior risk-adjusted returns in line with the asset allocation, the fund has generated 13.35% return since its inception in 2003. The 1-year return, on the other hand, is even more impressive with 17.85%. Even its 3-year return of 10% can be called reasonable.

Franklin India Pension Plan

Seeking steady returns along with tax savings, the fund invests up to 40% in equities with the remaining corpus getting invested in fixed income instruments to offer greater returns.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund NAV

NAV, which stands for Net Asset Value, is actually the price of a mutual fund unit. It changes on a daily basis based on the quality and quantity of trading. The NAV of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Schemes is arrived post deducting the liabilities from the assets of a fund. As far as assets are concerned, they include stocks, bonds, cash, etc. On the other hand, liabilities consist of accrued expenses, distributor commission, registrar fee, fund management expenses, etc.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Login

Want to invest in Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Schemes online? Visit the official website of the asset management company AMC and navigate to Login/Register tab. If not registered, you then need to click on ‘Register Now’, enter PAN and Date of Birth in the prescribed format to do the needful. While doing registration, you need to create User ID and password which are required for login and invest in the schemes online.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Account Statement

Glancing at the statement should be a habit for you to check the state of your investments. The statement shows the summary of investments, NAV at which the fund units are purchased, the total number of SIP investments made to date, etc. Both Franklin Templeton and the concerned distributor can send the MF account statement on your e-mail ID.

Franklin Templeton Customer Care

So if you have any doubts regarding your MF investments, you can speak to Franklin Templeton customer care executives on 1800 425 4255 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Except Sundays). The executives can resolve your queries at the earliest and get things done for you.

Disclaimer – Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.


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