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GST Council Meeting: Have a Look at the Latest GST Slab Rates Here

You know that there are total 5 tax slabs under GST which are 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. Other than this, gold and jewellery are taxed at a concessional GST rate of 3% and rough diamonds are taxed at 0.25%.

No doubt, GST is the replacement of all the indirect taxes like Value Added Tax (VAT), Service Tax (ST), entertainment tax, etc. Thus, from now onwards, GST will be equally divided between the state and the central government tax. It is expected that with time the tax regime of India will change for the betterment of the taxpayers.

Latest GST Rates in India Item Wise

Have a look at some of the items under each GST tax slab. Post the implementation, the GST Council has made many changes and the most recent one is the shifting or more than 177 items from 28% tax slab to 18%. This is a major relief for the common man as well as the sellers as the demand which was somehow hampered due to the tax slab will now increase.

0% GST Rate ListMilk, fruits, vegetables, bread, salt, bindi, curd, sindoor, natural honey, bangles, handloom, besan, flour, eggs, stamps, printed books, judicial papers, and newspapers.

5% GST Rate List- Skimmed milk powder, fish fillet, frozen vegetables, coffee, coal, fertilizers, tea, spices, pizza bread, kerosene, ayurvedic medicines, agarbatti, sliced dry mango, insulin, cashew nuts, unbranded namkeen, lifeboats etc.

12% GST Rate List- Frozen meat products, butter, cheese, ghee, pickles, sausage, fruit juices, namkeen, tooth powder, medicine, umbrella, instant food mix, cell phones, sewing machine, man-made yarn, etc.

18% GST Rate List– Refined sugar, cornflakes, pasta, pastries and cakes, preserved vegetables, tractors, ice cream, sauces, soups, mineral water, stones used in flooring other than marble & granite, stationery items like clips, some diesel engine parts, some parts of pumps. From November 9, 2017 onwards, some of the items that were previously under 28% tax slab have been shifted to 18% tax slab. These items include handmade furniture and plastic products, shower baths, sinks, wash basins, bidets, lavatory pans, seats and covers, flushing cisterns and similar sanitary ware of plastics, chocolates, chewing gum, shaving cream, aftershave kits, beauty products, granite and marble. The GST Council has decided to keep only 50 items, mostly demerit, sin and luxury goods.

28% GST Rate List– Until today, over 200 goods were taxed at a rate of 28%. But, the GST rates item wise list has only 50 items.

GST Rates Item Wise List

Item                                                         Earlier GST rate                                  Revised GST rate


Aam Papad                                                    12%                                                           5%

Khakda and Papad                                   12%                                                           5%

Non-branded Namkeen                        12%                                                           5%

Non-branded Ayurvedic                       12%                                                           5%

& Homeopathy medicines

Nylon, Polyester and Acrylic              18%                                                           12%

Handmade thread                                    18%                                                           12%

Poster colors                                               28%                                                           18%

Moulding paste                                         28%                                                           18%

Selective stationery items                  28%                                                           18%

Selective parts of Diesel engine      28%                                                           18%

GST Rates Item Wise List PDF

If you want to check the detailed list of items under each GST tax slab, you can download the PDF from the official website of Goods and Service Tax (GST). The PDF will include each and every good and services under each tax rate slab.

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