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Are These Habits Making You Less Productive?

Try as you might, you never seem to have control of your day – simple tasks take longer to complete, you are always falling behind in your to-do list and it has began to show in your professional as well as personal life. Are you doomed to be an unproductive person, or are there certain things that you can do to change your life? If you are reading this you probably know what habits you should adopt, but have you stopped to think what habits you should leave behind?

Habits can be very good for us, but they can also be bad. A habit is something that you do without putting much thought to it, and that is why they can be destructive. As you struggle to adopt good habits you should identify and drop bad ones. Here are some common ones that could be getting in the way of your productivity:

Getting a late start to the day

If you find yourself always running late in the morning you are going to have a hard time achieving your goals. The most productive people will tell you that one of their maxims is “early to bed and early to rise”. If you go to bed early you will have no problem rising early, getting ready, having a full breakfast and then getting down to work. You will find that after around 8 hours you have covered most of what you had planned for the day, which allows you to have an early supper and retire early to bed.

Checking emails at all times

Every time you hear an email notification on your phone or your computer you stop what you are doing to see what it is and reply to it. Have you ever stopped to think that if it was that urgent the sender would call rather than email? If you want to do more with your day you should only look at your emails early in the morning and late in the night before you retire. If the people around you know that you only respond to emails once a day they will get used to it and you don’t have to worry about not replying to them on time.

Overdoing social media

Social media has become a phenomenon that is rather hard to explain – people are on it all the time, and yet if you ask them how it adds value to their lives or their productivity most are not able to answer. Unless your job relies directly on staying updated on social media it should not be something that you spend more than a few minutes on each day. Every time you think of checking Facebook or Twitter ask yourself – is this helping me to meet my goals or not?

Not having a goal planner

A goal planner, if used properly, is one of those tools that can help you become very productive in a short time. In it, you will be able to write out your goals and break them down into achievable steps. At the end of every day you will be able to see what you were able to accomplish, and you can adjust your habits so that you are able to do more over time.

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