What is HSN code in GST India

What is HSN code in GST India?

The World has been flourishing as far back as the International Trade and Commerce came into being. There are a large number of items being transacted in the world over, some particular to a nation and some identifying with a large portion of the nations. It has along these lines end up basic to have a typical understanding of the products being exchanged regardless of the national limits within the countries. Subsequently came the initiation of HSN Codes, which are an essential piece of International exchange and trade today.

What is HSN Code in any case?

HSN or Harmonised System of Nomenclature, was created by the World Customs Organization (WCO) with the aim of categorising products from everywhere throughout the World in an efficient and intelligent way. It is basically a six digit uniform code that categorises in excess of 5,000 products and is acknowledged around the world.

This arrangement of characterized rules and HSN code for repair and maintenance services is utilized for tax collection purposes in distinguishing the rate of tax which is applicable to any item or service in a nation. It is likewise used to decide the quantum of the product imported or exported all through a nation. It is a vital component to break down the development of merchandise over the World. It is a mix of various segments, additionally bored down to parts, which are additionally grouped into various headings and sub-headings. The subsequent figure is a code of six-digits.

HSN is across the board and is embraced in a lot of nations, occupying an amazing 98% of products in the World. It is by a long shot, the best intelligent arrangement of characterization received in International Trade. It has helped in decreasing efforts and costs identified with complex strategies of International Trade.

HSN in India

Since now you have an idea of what the HSN code for repair and maintenance services is all about, you can now understand the HSN from the context of Indian market.

India has its own one of a kind Goods and Services Tax or GST, and that applies to all services and products alike. It will subsume numerous charges of the indirect nature and will lessen the weight on the end user. India has just been utilizing HSN framework since the year 1986 in the Central Excise and Customs administration. It is a substantially more itemized arrangement that added another two digits to the code of 6-digits. Indian producers covered under GST will be required to pursue a 3-layered HSN structure in order to work according to the compliance.

  • Indian companies with a turnover of not as much as INR 1.5 Crores require not pursue HSN
  • Indian companies with a turnover surpassing INR 1.5 Crores however not as much as INR 5 Crores will utilize the 2 digit HSN codes
  • Indian companies with a turnover surpassing INR 5 Crores will utilize the 4 digit HSN codes
  • Indian companies who are into imports or fares will compulsorily pursue the 8 digit HSN codes

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