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Is It Important To Check Credit Card Eligibility Before Can Apply For The Best?

Eligibility is the key factor wherever you can go should apply and get the privileges. Through credit card eligibility the bank can decide whether you can get the approval or not. Each bank can set different criteria for eligibility. In general, when you can check by own credit card eligibility should also go through other factors such as age, income, and credit score.

If you are fit as per the bank’s norm, then nobody will stop you. Overall when we talk about age, it should be 18 years with a stable source of income so that, you can payback all the utility bills payment, repayment on time. Your payment on time can impact to your CIBIL score. You should know the calculation of the score which is between 300 to 900. If your score is less than 650, then nobody will give support. When you can get more than 750, so the lenders are happy to help you.

Let’s find out the top four bank’s credit card eligibility criteria

State Bank Of India: The minimum age should not less than 18 years. You should have a good credit score and also should not be a loan or credit card defaulter in the past.

HDFC Bank: You should be salaried or self-employed. The minimum age should be 21 years and maximum should not more than 60 years. The add-on minimum age should be 15 years. You should have a good CIBIL score. The minimum annual income of a salaried individual is Rs 1.5 lakh and the minimum annual income of self-employed Rs 2 lakh.

Axis Bank: For axis bank credit card you should be 18 years it’s a minimum age and maximum should 70 years. For an add-on cardholder, you should be 15 years.

ICICI Bank: You shouldn’t be less than 23 years of age and for the add-on cardholder, should be 18 years. The minimum monthly salary should be Rs 20,000 for the salaried individual. For a self-employed, the minimum annual income should not less than Rs 3 lakh. Also can have a good CIBIL score with no bad debts.

To Choose The Best Credit Card Procedure

How can you select the best credit card? You can have many choices in the financial market. Each can give an attractive and phenomenal offer. You should check all the cards features and benefits according to your requirements, then easily select one. It’s quite difficult to select one out of many choices.

Simple solution checks online all top bank’s credit cards features and select one which can suit your needs.

The American Express Gold Card

You can benefits in many fields such as book ticket with MakeMyTrip site, enjoy flexibility in spending with no pre-set limit, and get two supplementary gold cards at no extra cost.

ICICI Instant Platinum Card

In a month you will get up to two movie tickets with a discount of up to Rs 100, on every Rs 100 spent on all purchases excluding fuel can get two payback reward points, and joining or an annual fee NIL.

SimplySave SBI Card

A one-time annual fee Rs 4999, when you spend Rs 2,000 in the first 60 days can get 2,000 bonus reward points and renewal fee for SimplySAVE SBI card fee Rs 499.

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