Internet of Things

Why increasing popularity for ‘Internet of Things’?

In today’s era of technology, almost each and every person in every corner of the globe is found to use electrical and electronic devices. Without using them, life almost comes to a standstill and it becomes impossible to stay connected with friends, colleagues and known people. Organizations do use several types of devices on a day to day basis for its smooth functioning, reaching its consumer base and to improve its profits. These electrical devices only have advanced with time and have been helping organizations to enjoy better communications with its different departments.

What is IoT all about?

IoT or Internet of Things is fast becoming a popular concept among organizations in all domains, across the globe. Basically, it is considered to be a process to connect different electrical devices to one another using the internet. This concept has rather proved to be quite helpful to organizations of all types and domains. Such is its increasing popularity that it is being used in a wide range of industries including retail, insurance, supply chain, infrastructure, oil & gas, healthcare, etc. The number of internet of things companies in India has only increased in the last few years, which shows the kind of demand this particular technology is enjoying throughout the world.

Know the major benefits derived

IoT does offer several benefits some of which are given below.

  • The foremost benefit that it has to offer is that it helps to increase productivity. With different machines being connected to one another using wireless net connectivity, it becomes possible to quicken the transaction rate. Thus, overall productivity of the organization increases manifolds.
  • It also improves asset utilization and process efficiency, thereby helping organizations to save in costs and unwanted expenditure. As a matter of fact, IoT has managed to offer better ROI in the field of R&D. It has also managed to open new revenue sources for the business.
  • When the transport and automation industry is discussed, then IoT has been able to improve significantly customer experience. It also has managed to increase safety and revenue streams. It does help to predict consumer behavior using data gathered from social media, as well as checking mobile device usage. Some of the main reasons for IoT to grow at a tremendous pace is because of widespread connectivity, greater efficiency, better productivity, and low cost.
  • Be it individual tracking, asset tracking, inventory control, security or shipping, IoT has proved to be more than beneficial with respect to business communication. This technology has also successfully made web-based operation of SCADA system to seem more efficient. Moreover, M2M (Machine to Machine) communication has also become much easier with the adoption of IoT in the business. It allows the machine operators to have a better understanding of the location and condition of the devices used at far-off places. This way, tracking of information that is circulated in various debarments in the organization, becomes much easier and efficient.

It is for all the above reason that the top iot companies in India are slowly gaining popularity the world over.

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