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How to Invest in Axis Mutual Fund Online?

The online facility in the case of investment is not only convenient for the investors but the investment companies as well. Axis Mutual Fund is also moving step by step to make the investment procedure easier for its investors (both new and existing) and for itself so that there are least disruptions.

The reason behind online MF investment is that the e-KYC facility has become smoother. Now, you can just get your KYC done at Axis in just a few simple steps. Also, with a wide range of products available, the investors have got the opportunity to take their time and choose the best funds as per their financial goals.

This helps people making the right move in the case of investment and also increases the possibility of reaching the financial objective at the expected time. Have a look at some of the best mutual funds at Axis and also how you can fill up the application form and invest online. You will get to know the customer care number and the login procedure for the same.

Top 10 Axis Mutual Fund Schemes

Here are some of the best mutual fund schemes where you can invest.

  1. Axis Gold Fund -Growth
  2. Axis Gold ETF Fund
  3. Axis Banking & PSU Debt Fund -Growth
  4. Axis Banking & PSU Debt Fund -Dividend Daily
  5. Axis Fixed Term Plan – Series 69 (3 years) – Regular Plan -Growth
  6. Axis FTP Series 42 (552 Days) Regular -Growth
  7. Axis Focused 25 Fund -Growth
  8. Axis Focused 25 Fund -Dividend
  9. Axis FTP Series 48 (1095 Days) Regular-Growth
  10. Axis FTP Series 48 (1095 Days) Regular-Dividend

Products Offered by Axis Mutual Fund

Below are the types of mutual funds you will find at Axis Mutual Fund.

  • Axis Arbitrage Fund
  • Axis Equity Fund
  • Axis Equity Fund-Regular Growth
  • Axis Long -Term Equity Fund-Regular Growth
  • Axis Equity Saver Fund -Regular Growth
  • Axis Midcap Fund -Regular Growth
  • Axis Focused 25 Fund-Regular Growth
  • Axis Debt Fund
  • Axis Dynamic Bond Fund-Regular Growth
  • Axis Fixed Income Opportunities Fund-Regular Growth
  • Axis Income Fund-Regular Growth
  • Axis Short Term Fund-Regular Growth
  • Axis Treasury Advantage Fund-Regular Growth
  • Axis ELSS Fund
  • Axis Gilt Fund
  • Axis Gold Fund
  • Axis Gold ETF-Regular Growth
  • Axis Gold Fund -Regular Growth
  • Axis Hybrid Fund
  • Axis Triple Advantage Fund- Regular Growth
  • Axis Income Saver-Regular Growth
  • Axis Children’s Gift Fund-Compulsory Lock-In-Regular Growth
  • Axis Children’s Gift Fund- No Lock-In-Regular Growth
  • Axis Liquid Fund

Eligibility Criteria- The eligibility criteria required to have an investment service account are as follows:

  • The applicant should be an axis bank account holder.
  • The status of the applicant’s saving account should be single or either/ survivor.
  • All the Bank Account Holder should put their signature on the Account Opening Application Form.
How to invest in Axis Mutual Funds Online-

The procedure to invest in Axis Mutual Fund is simple and of course time-saving. With the facility of e-KYC facility introduced in the investment sector as well, the investor have observed a major comfort. You can visit the official website of Axis Bank and follow the below-steps:

  • Enter your details
  • Folio and Distributor option
  • Choose the scheme
  • Fill the details of the investor
  • Make the payments
  • Finalize the deal
Axis Mutual Fund Common Application Form-

You know that the mutual fund investment in the form of SIP as well lump sum. The application form for SIP investment is available at the official website of Axis Mutual Fund. There are three kinds of forms that you will get and the names are as follows:

  • KIM and Application forms
  • Forms for first-time investors
  • Forms for existing investors
Axis Mutual Fund Statement

The investors would obviously want to have a proper record of their monthly investment. The monthly investment statement is thus sent to the registered email ID of the investor on a monthly basis so that they can check how much amount has been deducted from their bank account. The statement covers the deduction made by the company and mentioning the NAV of the fund you have invested in.

Axis Mutual Fund Login

There is a different portal depending on the types of investors. For instance, the login procedure for an existing customer is different from the new investors. So, you can login to the website according to the category you come into.

Axis Mutual Fund Customer Care

The customer care service is there for any kind of investment-related query. So, if you have any doubt like you have not got the statement or your monthly investment amount has not deducted from the account or you want to change the date of your investment or want to increase the amount or anything else, you can just dial 1800 221 322/1800 3000 3300 and get the answers.


DisclaimerMutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.

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