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Discover the Power of Your Investments by Reading through Axis Mutual Fund Factsheet

Find out where your investment in Axis Mutual Fund has been invested further? Check out the latest Axis Mutual Fund Factsheets which assists you in determining where your money has been deployed and how your investments are performing.

Axis Mutual Fund Factsheet acts as a storehouse where you will be able to obtain the maximum information about the fund. Like any investor, you also must have a question: From where do I evaluate my investment? The answer is from your Axis Mutual Fund Factsheet.

Since it is an obligatory requirement by an Asset Management Company to disclose factsheets to the investor in order to  fulfill the legal compliance of being fair and transparent in dealing with every investor on their behalf. Any investor will be able to ascertain the fund house perspective about the market, its future scenario of action and highlights which will guide him/her whether to invest in Axis Mutual Fund scheme or not.

Axis Factsheet 2017

Let’s discuss the things which you should readily be informed as an investor when it comes to reading about a factsheet:

Past Performance

Want to know the likelihood of the performance of your Axis Mutual Fund schemes? Check from the factsheet as it discloses the past performance of your schemes, although not an indicator for future but gives you realistic picture of the fund management style of the fund manager. Let us understand from a simple example:

If your Axis Mutual Fund scheme has been in existence for 3 or more years, it has to enumerate the percentage returns of every 12 months time period for last 3 years. Let’s say, how much your general investment of ₹ 10,000 will reap you within these 3 years. You will be shown the results for your Systematic Investment Plan returns that would be calculated depending on your invested amount of ₹ 10,000/- each month and the returns would be highlighted for 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and so on. Regardless of this, all schemes are obligatorily offered their benchmark indices returns. You can also analyze the performance of these schemes based on their benchmark frequently so as to determine about the continuity in its performance.

Industry Holdings and Portfolio Allocation

Check whether your portfolio has been sufficiently diversified across sectors or not. When it comes to asset allocation, it is exhibited in a graphical representation where the sectoral allocation of equities is portrayed in the form of tables or graphs. It is very important to know what is the end outcome of your money once you have made the enormous investment. Industry allocations and portfolio holdings reflect you the break-up composition to check where your funds have been used by Axis Mutual Fund house.

Expense Ratio

Expense ratios are mandatory to be disclosed in the factsheet as they play a pivotal role in ascertaining returns. It is the cost of functioning your Axis Mutual Fund Scheme that is charged by the investor. The total expense ratio on the factsheet indicates you the break-up composition of direct and regular mutual funds provided by Axis Mutual Fund company. Although expense ratio is necessary, it should not be the only criterion to evaluate when it comes to selecting your desired Axis Mutual Fund scheme. Please note that there are funds which have a strong track record but a higher expense ratio stands out to be fair with respect to the one that costs you less but deliver you poor returns.

Axis Mutual Fund Scheme Details

To determine your Axis Mutual Fund Scheme details, check out the latest Net Asset Value for both direct and regular plans and find out the Average Asset Under Management(AAUM) in the scheme. Standard deviation and portfolio turnover ratio could be the ideal criterion in ascertaining about the performance of Axis Mutual Fund schemes. Since all these schemes are divided in accordance to their risk involved. Also, evaluate the product labelling exhibited in the form of a riskometer which shows you the risk taken by that specified scheme. Check out the exit load as it could effect your returns whenever you exit, it implies, the higher returns or the higher amount gets excluded whenever you wish to liquidate.

Axis Mutual Fund Managers

Check the trend of Axis Mutual Fund Managers for a particular scheme in which they are investing. Like this way, you will be able to know the job of the fund manager for investing your money depending on the asset allocation of the scheme. Nevertheless factsheets help you to evaluate the details of the fund managers comprising of the numerous of funds managed by them, still, it is under their discretion wherever they employ money and that should be on the basis of their experience and expertise. It is obligatory for you to ascertain who takes care of your money while you select a particular Axis Mutual Fund scheme. Check out the investment style of your fund manager relative to managing past funds and know about their experience which will ensure you about your investments employed with them. Always remember, a diligent research is an initiative which can be undertaken with respect to building up your corpus for your long-term wealth in value investing.

Disclaimer: Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.

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