RBL Bank Credit Card

What Do You Know About RBL Bank Credit Card And How You Can Make Payments?

RBL bank offers, a wide range of financial benefits each card is with best features. You can choose a credit card that suits your requirement and complement your lifestyle. RBL bank credit card based on your needs and try to reach within it.

They have provided the card for shopaholics, for them who love to travel a lot, etc. RBL has the credit card for all, with this cards can get benefits and exclusive offers, reward points, gift coupons, vouchers, and more.

You can pay RBL credit card bills by using a range of option, online and offline. You can select an option as per your convenience, so that can pay bills on time. In online you have various options such as net banking, autopay, NEFT, and RTGS. For an offline have two options cash and cheque. Let’s find out following description of services

RBL Bank Credit Card Payment Through Online

Everyone has a busy schedule that’s why knowingly and unknowingly, you miss your credit card bill payment and the result is late fee charges also you can damage your credit score. For all this reason, the RBL bank provides online payment option.

Net Banking Facility

When you choose net banking service for paying bills, then it’s a great facility. Just need to register yourself for this and can easily use it as per convenience. To register your ID, log in to the bank site, enter your credit card 16 digit number, your name, mobile number, and email ID. After confirming your shared details, they inbox your User ID and Password in your registered email ID.

Now you are avail to pay bills, view RBL credit card rewards, vouchers, etc through net banking site. The more you can use your card you can know it closely, and the most important thing is you can pay bills without going anywhere. You can know your due dates, outstanding amount, last six-month credit card details, etc.

AutoPay Facility

When you have many credit card, then it’s happened to forget few cards bills. That’s the reason autopay can automatically set standing instruction with a current account to debt money as per due date. Through this facility you cannot need to remember your bill date or don’t worry about late fee charges, they automatically can cut the amount and send you an email as a confirmation.

NEFT Payment Facility

You can do many things through RBL bank credit card you can use another bank account, to pay bills by national electronic fund transfer. Just need to add your credit card number and payee account number and other details and make payment through NEFT service.

RTGS Payment Facility

You can pay your utility bills or credit card bills by real-time gross settlement service. For that, you have already used net banking site so easily can add your and payee details to make payment through RTGS. It’s not mandatory to pay bills only same bank account, if you have another bank account then also can pay by RTGS.

  RBL Bank Credit Card Payment Through Offline

Many of us can use online service because it can save your time and energy both. But if you feel comfortable with the offline process, then you have two options cash and cheque payment.

Cash Payment: To make RBL bank credit card payment, have deposit cash. Just visit the nearest bank branch and pay cash, after submission of money, they provide you one slip as proof.

Cheque Payment: If you want to pay your utility bills by cheque, just fill it with full name, account number, and payee account number and drop it to RBL ATM box.

What Are The Criteria To Have A RBL Bank Card?

If you want a credit card for many uses, then need to check your age ability and documents which you need to share with bank team. You should be 18 years of age not less than that along with spotless credit record. In KYC, you have provided the correct and proper identity proof, address proof, PAN card, one recent passport size photograph and income proof. Your income can define your payback credibility.

Now you can avail to apply for a credit card online. Just visit the RBL bank branch, select credit card as per your needs, fill details which are related to you and submit it. If shared details are correct, then you can get your card within 2 to 3 weeks gap.

How Can You Maintain Your Bank Details?

You can view your bank details via online services, or either bank will send you monthly report in your email. With the help of this, you can cross check your exceeding limit, credit limit, purchases and also can check previous records. In short, it could help you to maintain your credit or CIBIL score.

The RBL bank has given your customer care service also to clear your credit card related doubts and share feedback. You can get their toll-free number through RBL bank web page. They give your many communication modes, so that can resolve your issues soon.

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