How to look pretty, Beautiful and gorgeous without make- up

We all want to look gorgeous without having to put up extra layers of make-up. Make up can be fun while trying to enhance your features and while trying to express yourself. Make up is not something you should rely on to define your beauty. A bare natural look not only allow you to shine but it is the best thing you can carry around. People think that if they go to work or to a cafe without their make up routine they wouldn’t look their best. It is false. During event organization, you can get really busy and you may not have the time to go to the parlour and get facials and make- up done but you always want to look good, especially for the party.

Here are simple tips that you can follow to look beautiful without makeup

You are a natural beauty and you should always feel comfortable in your own skin. If you resort to healthy eating options right at home, ou will never have to worry about your skin, you will have the natural glow that everyone craves for.


If you are not having proper sleep and and not following a proper routine, it might start showing on your face. We do not realize how such small thing from our daily life start effecting our body. People say that the beauty lies in the eyes, indeed, it is true. You do not need mascara and kajal to highlight your eyes. Try keeping them clean, use eye drops, this way your eyes will always be clean and look more attractive.

Hair cut

Lets just accept the fact that no one likes having a bad hair day. When our hair just settles in the way we want it to, we naturally feel more confident and more beautiful. The hair enhances the features of our face, and the right kind of haircut can change our entire look. If you feel that you need a boost in your confidence, or if you think that your face looks dull even after so much care, try getting a new haircut. It will not only make you feel more confident but will change your entire personality.

Eating habits

As we read earlier, what wee eat has a huge impact on what we are. Once we start adding healthy food in our diet, our skin starts looking younger and clearer. Such is the power of good food. Avoid eating junk food, all the junk food starts showing on your face and no matter what you do, you start looking older and more tired.

Skin care

Our face is exposed to so many types of toxins in the day to day life. With so much of pollution around us, the dirt starts sticking to our face, exposing them to so much of infections and allergies. The dirt and the oil makes the face look sticky and tired. It also leads to skin acnes and pimples. Try cleaning your face time to time to wash away the dirt and have a clear skin all the time.


The best way to look more beautiful is to have a clear, confident face. Make sure you get your eyebrows are plucked, your pores are clean. Get your blackheads removed time to time. When you keep your skin clean, you start feeling good about yourself. And there is no better way to look gorgeous than to feel it from within.


Skin needs equal care from inside as it needs from outside. A proper sleep can make your skin look flawless. When you give enough nutrition to your skin, it reacts to it and looks naturally glowing. Drink lots of water throughout the day, take enough vitamins and minerals and avoid food that harms the skin. That way to can have a flawless skin all time.

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