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Make the Most of Your Investment by Investing at Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund NAV

Looking forward to investing in Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund? Well, don’t know about the favourable opportunities when is the best time to subscribe for Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund units. Check out the  latest NAV over a period of time which determines whether your fund is gaining or losing its value.

If it shows positive signs, you can look forward for investing to make the most of your investment. But don’t get stuck in any of the misleading statements prevalent in the market which suggests that lower priced NAVs allow you to buy more units or higher NAVs makes your purchases expensive.

It’s better to clear out such confusion by understanding the meaning of NAV in clarity. Here’s take a look in understanding about Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund NAV:

Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund NAV

Wish to either buy or sell at Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund NAV? If yes, then check out the latest NAV before taking any decision of buying or selling the mutual fund units.

Since NAV indicates the market price of the Mutual Fund units, the units will be possessed by taking into consideration all the assets in the portfolio minus liabilities which further gets divided by the total outstanding units. The final figure will show you the number of units which you will obtain as against your investment in Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund. Based on the daily basis of valuation of market shares, the value of NAV is determined.

The change you can easily see in any of the scheme of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund on a daily basis is subjective to NAV only. Subsequently, you will be able to measure your investment performance.

Let us understand by taking a simple example:

You wish to invest ₹ 25000 in Birla Sun Life Cash Manager at NAV ₹ 25, consecutively you will fetch 25000/25 =1000 units from the scheme.

The next day the NAV of the similar fund shoot upto  ₹28, then your investment value reaches out to be 1000×28=₹28,000. Upon completion of one year, you want to redeem this scheme in order to derive the value from your investment, you will obtain the amount subject to the NAV of the scheme at the time of redemption. Let’s say NAV for  Birla Sun Life Cash Manager shoots upto  ₹40 on your redemption day, then the Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund will pay you an amount of 1000×40=₹ 40,000 on that particular day.

As clearly indicated from the example above, you will get to know that it is not the NAV that marks a difference in returns that you avail, it is the scheme’s performance of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund which you have selected is making all the difference. The growth of money will only be dependent on how the fund shows its performance and also on the fund managers managing the fund.

Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund Statement

Do you wish to view the summary of your accounts towards your Birla Sun Life mutual fund investment? You can do so. Just by accessing to the Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund Statement you can decide whether to buy,  hold or liquidate your investment. Moreover, plan to ascertain the investment types you may seek in the form of transaction details summary such as purchase date, switch or redemption from schemes, a number of units possessed, method of payment during transaction etc.

Register your email ID with Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund through which you can retrieve your ‘Statement of Account’. However, all you need is to submit your Folio number towards which you would wish to acquire the Statement of Account. This statement consists of the last five details of transaction under the folio. The Statement of Account will then gets mailed on your Email ID register with your own Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund.

Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund SIP

Achieve flexibility in deriving maximum opportunities from your investment. One such opportunity  exists by investing in SIP. With a low amount of ₹500 each month, you can purchase the units of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund. The more units you decide to purchase, the more investment returns you will obtain whenever you plan to liquidate.

The power of compounding takes its league from the day 1 you start investing, the more will be the returns you accumulate by your Mutual Fund subject to the market volatile conditions. No matter, investing in periodicity helps you to reduce the impact and also generates a discipline way of investing in such funds.

Disclaimer: Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.

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