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Monitor your CIBIL Score While Availing Loans and Credit Card

Want to know how far your repayment capacity has been increased? Check your CIBIL Score at, your trusted financial lender of all times in order to examine your credit worthiness i.e repayment capacity. You can make yourself informed on your worthiness of availing loans and credit card at all times.

You are required to update yourself on credit health which is essential for you to secure your ideal online score. For getting your suitable score, you are required to enter the website in order to furnish your personal details in order to validate your results  which includes your PAN card number and thus will get your credit score as opposed to your fees paid.

Check CIBIL Score by PAN Card

Sometimes you are confronted with the question: “Whether my personal details are sufficient to authenticate the results required for attaining a good CIBIL Score?” Well, in such instance, enter your personal details like your date of birth, contact details, ID proof and possibly answer some of the noteworthy questions subject to your credit history. As soon as you verify your details, you make a prerequisite payment. Later on, you will get your CIBIL score at ease thereafter.

Get your updates thrice times in order to get your ideal CIBIL score. Obtain a quarterly update subject to 4 times a year or biannual twice a year or buy a one-time subscription in order to update your score.

Good CIBIL Score

There are no stipulated criteria for assessing your good or bad credit score. A CIBIL credit score is dependent on your past and present credit reputation that offers the lender a brief idea of a customer’s credit fitness and loan repayment history. An ideal credit score of atleast 760 is desirable as it signifies a continual track record of meeting out your payments in time and exhibit financial maturity over a longer run. It gives lenders immense confidence in lending money to customers with a fair credit score.

However, it is a time taking process but your credit score and credit report are two necessary factors  to be considered for your faster loan approval process.

Importance of Your Credit Score

An ideal credit score of 760 and above stands to be a fair score in order build up a track record of fulfilling your ambitious goals of loan necessities. A low credit score shows that you are not required to make a repayment history with a possibility of default.

The promising lender first measures your customer’s  check credit score in order to verify your application process further. The statistics denote a varied variety of loans that are approved with those customers who are having an ideal score of 760 and above. Above all, there are varied benefits of a high credit score which includes:

  • Lower rates of interest
  • Amount of Loan
  • Longer tenure
  • Fastest approval process
  • Simplified documentation processes
  • Higher credit card limit

It is an important indicator to ascertain the factors which becomes useful in calculating a credit score so that you can improve your creditworthiness and obtain the best loan offers from the market itself.

CIBIL Credit Report

A CIBIL Credit report is a common document that encloses your credit history throughout different lenders over a particular period of time. Your CIBIL Credit report helps you to acknowledge following details :

  • Your personal information like name, age, gender and address
  • Details of your employment and income
  • A number of enquiries made by various lenders on account of your loan/credit card application.
  • Information details relating to your past and existing loans along with your payment record
  • Any likelihood of defaults on loan
  • Details of your ‘settled’ loans
  • Total credit card limit
  • Monthly expenses (Credit Utilisation Ratio)
  • Any defaults on your credit card payments
  • Credit Score-a significant component of your credit profile that provides your lender with a rapid idea of evaluating your credit- worthiness.
My CIBIL Login

Obtaining a CIBIL score is very easy. At Wishfin, CIBIL score is just a click away so as to make your entire procedure transparent with paperless. Just follow the simple steps:

  1. Log on to Wishfin CIBIL page :
  2. Fill up your CIBIL form :
  • First Name(according to PAN Card)
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Birth date
  • Gender
  • PAN Card
  • Your contact information like your residential place, Pincode, State City, Email ID and phone number.

Once you answer it appropriately, CIBIL will issue your credit score on your email ID within 24 to 48 hours.


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