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All You Need to Know How to Start Your Career in Finance

Are you thinking to start your career in Finance? Are the career in Finance is suitable for you and a right career path? Before choosing a career field you need to identify lots of things like future scope, education requirement, job prospects and many more things. Clarify with all these questions running through your mind before starting your career in the finance industry.

First, you need to understand what is a career in Finance?

A career in finance is not all about money but it is close to it. Financial people play a very crucial role in planning and in taking the big financial decisions.  Candidates who work in finance industry they work in an area like commercial banking, financial planning, Investment banking, and insurance and real estate industries. All areas are related to each other’s and need different skill sets and different educational requirements.

What Education and certificate needed to start a career in this?

Earning a bachelor degree is a first step to start a career in Finance. One can do BBA, B.Com courses in their graduation time. After that one can pursue an advanced courses degree like MBA (Master of Business Administrator) with specialization in finance and Master’s degree in finance. Both these courses provide students the managerial skills that are needed to get a managerial position. MBA degree gives the strong knowledge base of business skills that are transferable to other position. Several different types of certification available in this like CFA (Certified Financial Analyst), CFP (Certified in financial planning).

All the bachelor and post-graduation degree provide you a strong platform and giving you a comprehensive understanding of financial management, technological expertise, interpersonal skills and professional insight.

What kind of responsibilities handled by finance people:

They are responsible for all the aspects of taking financial decisions. They understand their business needs and suggest them a better way to increase the profit. They help their customers in order to take big financial decisions. They handle a wide range of responsibilities and providing assisting managers in order to take better decisions. They are also responsible for management of the organization cash flow and handle day-to-day payments.

Career Options Available in this profession:

Commercial Banking: The career in commercial banking offers opportunities in financial management, accountancy, securities and financial sales etc.

Corporate Finance: people who work in corporate banks manage the money to run the successful business, make acquisitions, plans, for its financial future.

Financial Planning: Financial planners help individuals plan their financial futures.

Insurance: Finance jobs in insurance industry involve helping others in their business needs and protect themselves from losses. You can begin your career in this sector by working as a sales rep selling insurance policies and customer service representative.

Investment Banking: Jobs in investment banking deals with the facilitating the issuance of corporate securities.

These are some career options available in Finance. Pay scale of the candidates may vary according to the different job posts, experience, and qualification.

The financial field offers lots of Finance Jobs vacancies in different areas. You can get the job anywhere in the world in any location or in any sector. Jobs are available both in government as well as in private sector. Various schemes and vacancies are held by the government in order to hire candidates. There are various job portals where seekers can easily apply for the job.

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