Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene is Vital Even After Wearing Braces!

Once your braces are fitted to structure your jawline or in order to align your teeth, then that is the time you need to ensure your oral hygiene the most. It is not about having that perfect smile, in fact, it is more about brushing, flossing, and maintaining the quality of the braces for a longer period of time. After the final stage of getting the braces fitted, your orthodontics will guide you on how to take care of your braces and your mouth properly.  

Here is a list of things that you need to read if you are wearing braces or planning to get them fitted soon:

Fixed Braces Need More Care

When your mouth is all set with fixed braces, then is the time it needs care. During this time, the food gets stuck in various areas of the teeth which increases the chances of plaque. To maintain your oral hygiene, brushing after every meal is mandatory. In order to get rid of the food that sticks to the braces, brushing regularly is advisable – at least, thrice a day. Carry a toothbrush in your bag wherever you go; highly recommended. Also, using a fluoride mouthwash or toothpaste can be highly effective right before going to bed.



If oral health is not maintained then chances are your teeth will suffer from permanent stains even after the braces are removed.

Looking After Removable Braces is Easy:

Taking care of removable braces is actually very simple. Always, remove the braces by applying a little force and when you are not using the braces, then either cover it in a clean cloth or keep it in a safe container. To keep these braces clean, just soak it in the cleaning solution at least once in a week. Also, a simplified formula can be used to clean it – water and toothbrush. However, avoid toothpaste!



Avoid playing with your removable braces as it can break or get damaged and can also injure your mouth. Another advice is to regularly see your dentist, to ensure everything is great. In fact, for getting that perfect look you need, consider familybraces.ca for the best oral hygiene.

Taking Care of Twin Block Braces

It is a set of two removable braces that need to be worn together all the time. For a couple of days, these braces will not let you eat and talk efficiently. To wipe all the food particles from twin block braces, soak it in a cleaning solution at least once in a week. Resist your temptation from clicking these braces together as these will break or weaken. Like removable braces, you can wash these too with toothbrush and water but remember, avoiding the toothpaste.

Looking After The Retainers

When you are not wearing the retainers, ensure to keep them in a safe and protected container which is clean. Do not put or clean them by using hot water as they can totally go out of shape.   






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