Plan your Wedding Early to Get Everything Right

2018 is the year that will see many millennial weddings. We have grown up, we have our careers set, and some of us are still on the way, and many of us have even found our soul mates. We can see many of our friends getting married.

We log out of Facebook for the night and the next morning, we wake up to wedding pictures of yet another distant friend. Wedding venues in Gurgaon, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and all other major cities are doing great business now.

Private Matter or Talk of The Town

The youngsters of today do not settle. They do not go for any local wedding hall and get it over with. There are two types of youngsters in general in this generation. The first type would go for a hush legal marriage, without involving too many acquaintances; they like to keep it private. The second type wants the whole world to know they are getting hitched.

Don’t Settle, Make it Special

The common thing in both these groups of people is, irrespective of the number of guests present to watch the whole deal, they will not settle for a mediocre wedding hall, a merely satisfactory catering, and the same old decorations. We want everything to be special.

This is why the youngsters take matters into their own hands and decide what they will like for the menu, and for the venue. Earlier, people used to depend on their families and extended families to make every arrangement for their wedding. Today, we do not have extended families actively involved in everything we do. Most of us live in nuclear families, and many of us do not even have siblings. But that does not scare us away from making the most elaborate plans for our wedding.

Every Tiny Detail

The wedding venue must be at a perfect location so that friends flying in on the same day shouldn’t find it inconvenient to get there from the airport. The venue must have ample car parking and accommodation for those staying over.

The bride’s wedding dress must complement that of the groom or vice versa if you are the groom. The umbrellas for wedding must be well decorated. The flower chaadar must be as gorgeous as the bridal attire itself. The groom and bride entries must be amazing enough to turn heads. Even the most unimpressed person should be impressed.

The food menu must have good options for vegan guests. There must be healthy options for the health conscious and a lot of yummy food for the food lovers. The lighting at the dinner table must be perfect. It shouldn’t be too dim or too bright.

Plan Ahead

There are so many tiny details that need to be taken care of at a wedding. This is why you must plan well ahead in time. When you get surprised to see your friend planning his or her wedding two years before their wedding, you wonder how can someone be sure that even after two whole years, they will end up marrying the person they are dating now! You think they are daydreaming like people do as kids. But no, what they are doing is what you should be doing too.

Planning a wedding well ahead in time isn’t juvenile, it is practical. Of course you can fill in the details later. Or even make some major changes if your partner happens to change on the way. But if you want a perfect wedding without punching a hole in your pocket, you need to plan ahead and keep things ready.

Your bridal attire has to be planned well ahead of the wedding date. It isn’t the wedding dress alone. You need to have a dress for the haldi, another for the sangeet or mehndi, and another one for the reception. These are the commonest wedding events in most Indian homes. There could be more though. You need to decide how you want your makeup and hairstyle to be. So you must start bridal shopping a year before the wedding.

As far as jewellery is concerned, your parents must have bugged you numerous times even when you were nowhere near the age to get married. Irrespective of whether you are a girl or a boy, you will need to put up with overbearing parents regarding jewellery. Understand that they mean well and these are things that take years to settle. They are not trying to coax you into an early marriage, unless they explicitly say so. A wedding needs years of investment.

Do Exactly What you Want

Unless you are one of those people who do not care about getting married, you must be having some wishes regarding your wedding. If you plan ahead, you will be able to implement all your ideas and get things done just the way you like. Your wedding outfit, the look of the wedding venue, and the colour combination on your wedding dress to the colour combination of the lights hanging outside the wedding venue, everything must be satisfactory to you, because it is your big day.

Do not forget to take out time to find a good sehra for the groom, a good veil for the bride, the playlist for the wedding entry, and well decorated flower chaadar and richly decorated umbrella for wedding. These are the little things people forget about. So they have to make do with whatever can be arranged at the last moment. But you want a fabulous wedding, with everything in place like the way you want it, so start now.


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