Being A RBL Credit Card Holder, Do You Ever Think How Credit Card Payments On Time Is Affects Your Score?

A credit card can handle every expense, they support your every purchase so why don’t we take care our tool. To have a credit card and fulfil all need with this, is a great thing, but it’s your responsibility can paybacks for all outstanding amount on time, so that lenders will give you this service without any fail.

For every credit card holders should know the value of the card. With credit card can pay bills on time, repayment before due dates, expense within the limit. The lenders are happy with those people, who can use their credit card 30 to 50 % because it shows, how clear about your responsibility and usage of credit card.

Your credit score can affect CIBIL report, that’s why you need to control your expenses and try to avoid exceeding the limit. Through your RBL card can do many things like paying bills, view card transaction, shopping, dining, entertainment and much more. You can have reward points, cash-backs, gift voucher, but all depends on the usage of yours.

How Can You Instantly Pay RBL Credit Card Bills?

To pay bills on time is the best way to present yourself in front of lenders positively. Earlier also we talk about, why paying bills on time is necessary. For Instant RBL online payment methods are below

AutoPay Method: Autopay method is for them, who have many credit cards and chances to forget to pay bills on time. For them autopay is the best option, just set standing instructions from your RBL savings account, it will automatically debit from your account as per bill date. After that, you have received a message in your mobile or Email ID, for confirmation.

Net Banking Method: In this method, firstly need to register yourself and it’s easy when you have already had a savings account in the same bank. After login with your user ID and password can available to use for paying bills on time, viewing bank statement or you want to know about your credit card, with this service can comfortability pay the bills from the office to home any suitable place.

Real-Time Gross Settlement: This service for them, who like to use their credit card for big transactions, you can pay your credit card bills in one go using the real-time gross settlement mode, even if don’t hold RBL bank account. All you need to that your net banking activated on your non-RBL account to carry out an RTGS transaction.

National Electronic Fund Transfer: You can pay your RBL credit card bill from any other account through NEFT facility. For utilising this service, can add your credit card number as the payee account number as the payee account number to make the payment through NEFT.

For offline payment options, need to visit the RBL bank nearest branch and pay the bills by cash or cheque. In today’s digital lifestyle this process can use for two reasons, either don’t have net access or you are feeling uncomfortable with the online payment method.

Cash Payment: For cash payment need to visit the RBL bank branch and deposit the cash on bank’s counter.

Cheque Payment: For cheque payment, need to fill the details in your cheque, your account number, payee amount and drop it any of RBL ATM. They will collect that particular place and within working days sends you email for your confirmation.

Where Can You Overview Your Transaction Report?

To have a bank statement means you can track your expenses. If you want your transaction monthly report so request to your bank, after that they send your email ID, with this facility can check all the rewards, cash-backs, coupons and the most important thing is to know your RBL credit card limit. If you want to maintain a good CIBIL score or credit score, an individual should know how to use it. It will help you for your future purpose like take a loan or apply for a new credit card.

During the uses of RBL credit card, if you have to face any trouble related to your credit card, card offers, card usage, need to generate PIN, want to share feedbacks, complaints, so you have an RBL customer service. In customer care, you can ask any question related to your card. They try to give you prompt response so that you can use it without any trouble. For call them on a toll-free number, visit the website of the RBL bank page.

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