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Revamp your Investment Portfolio to Include the Benefits of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund

Not happy with the returns your investment portfolio is giving you? It’s the time to reconstruct your portfolio before encountering further any losses. Don’t let your returns lose in the wake of falling market regime instead switch to other mutual fund schemes? Look for Mirae Asset Mutual Fund where you can give cutting-edge returns to your existing investment portfolio in order to overcome the losses already sustained in your previous portfolio.

Moreover, you can leverage the benefits with a deep insight on the financial strategies and continual performance by having a diversified product suite. Study the investment style of fund managers which can instill confidence in you for buying more units of Mirae Mutual Fund for your investment.

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Schemes

The first step of initiating your any of the investment in Mirae Asset Mutual Fund is to know about your schemes in detail. So, have a look at it before choosing the one which is right for your investment goals.

Equity Funds : Equity Funds are an ideal source of investment particularly where an investor looks to have capital growth in the long-run. These funds provide maximum growth once you stay invested in the longer term. There are only two funds which are offered by Mirae Asset Mutual Fund:

  • Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund (MAIOF)
  • Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund (MAEBF)

Thematic Funds : Want to broaden the scope of your investment portfolio? Consider investing across the sectors which are focussed towards a common theme. This way you may seek diversification as the investments are classified into multiple sectors but not relative to a specific sector. In this manner, you can harness the growth potential due to boom in any of the industry in which the fund has invested in. There are two types of thematic funds offered by Mirae Mutual Fund:

  • Mirae Asset Great Consumer Fund (MAGCF)
  • Mirae Asset China Advantage Fund (MACAF)

Hybrid Funds: Want to enjoy the benefits of both equity and fixed income securities in your investment portfolio? Consider investing in hybrid funds which aim to have growth and income potential at periodic intervals. Mirae Asset Prudence Fund (MAPF) is the only scheme offered the Mirae fund house.

Fixed Income Funds: Guarantee your investment suite by incorporating fixed income funds which provide stability to your portfolio. These funds invest in debt market securities like debentures, bonds, government securities and much more. These funds are ideal for those investors who don’t have the courage to invest in high volatile equity environment. The following fixed income funds are offered by Mirae Asset Mutual Fund:

  • Mirae Asset Dynamic Bond Fund (MADBF)
  • Mirae Asset Cash Management Fund (MACMF)
  • Mirae Asset Savings Fund (MAUSTBF)

Tax Saving Mutual Funds: Looking forward to saving tax? Consider Tax Saving Mutual Funds as one of your main investment alternative which is entitled to income tax exemptions of ₹1.50 lakhs per annum as per the Income Tax Act, 1961. The tax saving mutual funds usually come with a 3-year lock-in period. These funds are meant for providing long-term growth opportunities. When tax saving is your only consideration,  Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund (MATSF) is the only scheme which you can have with Mirae Asset Mutual Fund.

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Account Statement

Tracking your regular investment is not a cakewalk unless you plan to have an overview of it through your account statement. Want to know how many times you have made a purchase/sell with any of the Mirae Asset Mutual Fund schemes? Knowing it is easy just by having a look at your Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Account Statement. You can even know other transaction activities made throughout your scheme such as date of purchase, redemption or switch from schemes, a number of units held, mode of payment during transaction etc.

Don’t know the method of obtaining this regular statement? Just register your email ID with Mirae Asset Mutual Fund and start obtaining your monthly statement of account directly on your email ID. Moreover, you also need to provide your Folio number for which you would like to get your Statement of Account. Once done, start receiving your statement of account at regular basis without missing track on any of your investment details.

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Login

Are you afraid of endless paperwork involved with your Mirae Asset Mutual Fund? If yes, then you need to go online without facing any interruptions. By having a single login, you can keep a track record of all your portfolio investments under your reach. But how to do so? The answer is very much simple. You are required to fill your details online and get your User ID and password in order to experience a smooth flow of investing in Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Schemes.

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Customer Care Number

Do any query or confusion regarding investing causing you stress? If yes, then contact your Mirae Asset Mutual fund customer care representative on :  91 – 022 – 6780 0301 or call on the toll-free number: 1800-2090-777 for quick resolution of your needs. Also, you can put forward your request via email address mentioned on the website of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund.


Disclaimer – Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.

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