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Shop Smarter: Three Ways to Shop During a Payday Sale

Days leading up to the payday, you already find yourself allotting your money for future shopping expenses. In fact, you look forward to the day you get your paycheck as you very well know that payday sales exist and you cannot help but think of the huge bargains and deals you can be availing of when the day finally comes.

Or is it?

The thing is, while it might seem like you are getting great deals and bargains from payday sales, these are actually clever marketing ploys utilized by shopping malls in order to get their customers to spend more. If you see a cardigan that you do not necessarily need and buy it for half its original price, you did not just save fifty percent. Rather, you spent fifty percent—an unnecessary one at that.

If you live your life looking forward to your paydays in order to spend them, you are pretty much akin living the lifestyle of a one-day millionaire. The truth is, no one is necessarily saying that you should not indulge your wants and desires every once in a while—especially if you have been working particularly hard for that paycheck. But, there is a massive difference between occasionally pandering a splurge here and there and spending every payday accumulating as many items as you can.

Just take a gander at the items you have bought and you will come to realize that you do not necessarily need them—and you cannot justify the purchase simply because it was on sale. While you are not exactly drowning in debt, you are not exactly exercising the proper discipline as regards your finances either.

In any case, if you find yourself continuously looking forward to payday sales (and living paycheck to paycheck in between paydays) , then you might want to check out the tips below for navigating a payday sale whether that may be in Ayala Malls the 30th or elsewhere. Because while payday sales may bring joy to any shopper’s heart, it is still considered a precarious euphoria—one that can leave a huge gaping hole on your wallet.

Make a list of things you actually need

And stick to this list! While it be can be tempting to arbitrarily add items to your cart and purchase them at the checkout, you should refrain from doing so. Yes, they might be on sale but these little additions can quickly accumulate and add up. Add only what is necessary to the list and make sure not to add anything to the cart that you do not absolutely need. Moreover, you should never go into a store with having no clear idea of what you need as that is just a plain invitation to randomly grab items as you wish. Make the list beforehand and do not do it while you are browsing through the shopping aisles or you might find yourself creating a list of unnecessary items that you did not even think of buying before.

Only buy what you really need

Again, refer to item number one. Do not buy anything that is not on your list and do not buy anything that you do not need. We can all be a bit guilty of buying things we do not necessarily need just because we saw it was a good deal. Even if you paid only a fraction of the original price, if you find yourself never wearing it, then it is never a bargain in the first place. You are just wasting money.

Shop alone

You make better decisions and are not easily swayed by the opinion of others when you shop by yourself. Sure, it can be fun to go on a shopping excursion with family or friends as the latter would likely provide you with input on the things you buy. Unfortunately, this is a surefire way to kill your budget. These people do not think about the expense, so they would hardly be objective about the things you buy.

Furthermore, they may have ulterior motives for asking you to buy an item (either to validate their own purchases or perhaps borrow it in the future). Shopping buddies can be fun, but they can encourage you to buy items you would not have had it not been for their prompting.

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