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Steps To Follow When Juul Charger Not Working

Juul is a product like no other. The products by them are entirely different and unique as compared to other vapes or e-cigarettes available in the market. The most preferred vape by the users is the one which is portable and can be used anywhere, anytime without any complications. The company, Juul, has a wide range of products which includes various kinds of vapes, chargers and power banks. It has been the user favorite since its launch. This company also produces one of the fast charging devices and makes the most powerful chargers.

If we look at the battery power of the Juul, there are various companies which are making the chargers today, but not all are the same as produced by the Juul. So it is very important to choose a charger which can match the standard of the Juul. You can order the Juul charger which is one of the most effective chargers for your Juul product. The charger can keep your device powered up and also work efficiently.

But sometimes, we can see a complaint of Juul charger not working. There could be a problem, which could arise at any point of time. After a few months or weeks, they can require some sort of checking to make the charger work.

You can sit with the charger all day long if your Juul charger is not working or there are some steps that you could follow to get the charger work back again. What happens is that the gunk builds up. It builds up to the point that it starts acting like an insulator. When you put your Juul device on the charge, the gunk gets build up.

Steps To Follow When Juul Charger Not Working

So here are the steps that you need to follow if your Juul charger is not working:

1-)  Open the charger:

With using a small flat point screwdriver, open the bottom of the charger with the right amount of force. Open it carefully so that you don’t break the charger.

2-) Removing the guts:

When you are successful in opening the bottom, you will see a small circuit board and a pair of magnets. You have to set the magnets at one side and by using a pair of flush cutters, cut the plastic retainer posts which are holding the PCB (printed circuit board) to the shell.

3-) Clean the Printed circuit board:

Get an ultrasonic cleaner and fill it with distilled water and with the drop of dish soap. Then get the PCB into the cleansing bath for 3-10 minutes.

4-) Wash the board properly:

Rinse the board very carefully so that there is no soap residue left in there.

5-) Dry

Dry it properly by using a paper towel or use isopropyl alcohol for further drying it.

6-) Reassemble all the parts:

Reassemble it properly so that no part is left out and especially the magnets.

Now the charger must be good you’ve bought a new one. If you wish to ignore all the disassembling and assembling, just put everything in the ultrasonic cleaner. It might take a whole day to dry out. Keep it at a warm location after the cleansing to get the moisture out of the charger, and your charger will start working in some time.

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