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Tech Today: Three Ways Social Media Has Transformed Marketing Campaigns

Visual marketing does not just sell a product or service—it sells an experience around your business.”–Rebekah Radice.

There has never been any doubt how an ordinary individual’s life has become so permanently intertwined with all things online. Indeed, it seems that nowadays it would be rather unthinkable for one not to possess a social media platform of any sort—so much so that it might even be unheard of. In this regard, we can safely assume that no matter what business you might have, your potential audience is possibly lurking between the pages of social media pages. With this in mind, one of your endeavors should be to develop a unique enterprise that carefully and strategically showcases what you have to an online audience.

After all, traditional marketing nowadays, albeit relevant is already considered a bit outdated. Moreover, it does not have quite the same effect on audience traction as it did before as nowadays, social media marketing is where everything is at. And if you wish to stay ahead of the competition (or at least on the same ground), you would do well to integrate social media into your marketing strategies. For this reason, the services of a digital marketing agency in Manila would be incredibly helpful.

In any case, if you have wanted to give your marketing strategies a facelift (or a resuscitating breath), here are some of the ways social media has transformed marketing:

It starts with a  foundation data

Today, marketing is not centered on arbitrarily targeting an audience in dire hopes that they would become prospective customers. Social media marketing has changed all that by paying close attention to what internet users are liking and following. By liking, following brands and even leaving reviews; potential customers are leaving a massive amount of data where marketers can truly learn. From the info gathered, you can now refine your marketing strategy to better target these audiences and hopefully sell them your product or service.

Better understanding of the audience’s needs

Social media marketing gives you a unique avenue of understanding your audience’s needs better. One critical element involved in social media revolves around conversation and communication. This means that you and your audience would have an exchange of ideas—this requires you to talk as well as listen. From there, you would have a deeper understanding of what it is your audience needs.

Interact with target communities directly

With the rise and popularity of social media, companies now have a unique leverage over the kind of messages they wish to send to their audience. Back in the day, companies would normally rely on traditional PR , marketing and advertising teams to convey what they wish to say to their audiences.

However, what was ultimately said was often left to the hands of the middle man such as a newspaper reporter and the like. While companies can exercise a degree of control over the messages they send with marketing and advertising, it often lacks the mechanism to collect sufficient feedback.

Not so in the case of social media marketing as this would effectively allow you to identify the people you do need to talk to and the people you want to talk to. It does not only advertise your brand, but it allows you to build a relationship with your customers as well. In this regard, you would be able to track and maintain the relationships you have made with your stakeholders. Moreover, it gives you the added benefit of having a conversational communication which you can then preserve for an audience to see and witness and even add to.

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