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Things to Avoid During SAT preparation

There are many things that you can do during your preparation of SAT. if you are intelligent and you think that you can score really well at SAT; that is a wonderful news. But if you know that you are fond of many things that might hamper the productivity of your preparation then you need to think again.

When you take Sat test prep classes and prepare hard at home, you certainly acquire a lot of knowledge and you end up honing your skills right? but when you get distracted by many habits and  caught up in the worldly things; you tarnish your preparation. the point is you have to avoid certain things for an effective preparation of SAT.

Never do comparison

If you are in a habit of doing comparison then you need to be caution. Comparison can steal your effectivity, productivity and professionalism. You would not be able to prepare in an effective and right manner in the presence of comparison.  many candidates do comparison when they prepare for tests. for example, they compare their study hours, facilities and classes with the other candidates. come on, you don’t have time to spend on these things. you can rather spend this time on your preparation and overall growth. the stronger your  preparation, the better your performance would be.

Plenty of sources

If you are preparing  from different sources, you might be doing the wrong thing. you have to stick to a few sources and that would be enough. you can take into consideration the material that is given officially for the test and study the material taught in the class. in this way  you would not be stressed up by the materials of different platforms. the point is that your preparation has to be effective and you can make it so only by working on your knowledge and skills. when you spend so much time at acquiring material from all sources, you end up spending minimum time at your preparation. Moreover, there are many platforms and books that have really shallow and confusing material. Everybody wants to show that their material is the best and hence the loss is of the candidates preparing for the test. some platforms even cater material that is really hard to grasp and they do so to show how sophisticated or high class they are.  The point is that you have to be careful about the material you take for the preparation.


When you give so much time to your preparation, make sure that you leave some slots for revision too. you are not told to revise every single day. you can do revision once in a week or twice. Once you revise the concepts you have already done; you make sure that you don’t loss the hold of them. Sometimes, candidates focus only on acquiring new knowledge and fail to revise and as a result, they get confused during the test.


So, when you do sat prep, make sure that you have already underlined these things to avoid!

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