Things You Need to Know About Mutual Fund SIP Return Calculator

You must have known many investment instruments but when it comes to investing money in mutual funds, there is no denying the fact that people always hesitate to invest in the same. Reason being, mutual funds considered to be risky to invest as they fluctuate a lot according to the market conditions. But many people don’t know that MFs offer the widest range of products which are safe to invest. Yes, that’s right! And, SIP is one such versatile product which has always been the favorite of many.

This financial product offers safety as well as growth to the investors who want to reap the benefits in the long run. Stands for System Investment Plan, it is one such investment option that allows an investor to invest a small portion of money on a monthly basis for a tenure of up to 50 years.

Yes, starting from a minimum investment amount of ₹500, this unique product offers a lot of flexibility with the help of which an investor according to his/her budget can start investing a small chunk of money each month. This small sum allows you to save big in the future, especially if you accumulate the same for the long term. And, in order to help you out in knowing how much amount you will accumulate in the future with your small monthly installments, mutual fund SIP return calculator is here to help.

Yes, this smart, time-saving and effective online tool allow you to know the exact calculations of the amount you can accumulate with a fixed systematic investment plan. This tool starts to function after taking into account:

  • Monthly SIP
  • Time Period/Years
  • Expected Returns

The moment you enter these credentials into the device, it will fetch the results for you and let you know the suggested accumulation amount based on your selection. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that this device is not only good at giving the accurate and precise results but it also plays a role of your best buddy that helps you in taking the fruitful financial decisions.

Let’s just understand the significance of this online tool with the help of an example below:

Suppose, Avinash Aggarwal, a 27-year-old, Senior Graphic Designer by profession wants to save a good amount for her daughter’s higher studies. But, he was not aware how much he needs to give away as his SIP installments to reach up to a higher amount. Then one day while surfing on the internet, he found mutual fund SIP return calculator, a magical device that calculates the amount you can accumulate with fixed SIP. So, he opened the device and saw that three were required to fill.

After deducting all the necessary monthly expenses from his income he only had the sum of ₹1,00 remaining in to invest regularly in SIP. He was thinking that with this small amount he won’t be able to save big for her daughter’s bright future. But he was totally wrong as SIP return calculator changed his perfection and he came to know that even a small amount can sponsor her daughter’s studies in the future. You would be glad to know that a small sum of ₹1,000 being invested for a period of 30 years if gives the return of 8%, would accumulate a sum of ₹14,17,613, isn’t it great?   

Well, this is the magical side of mutual fund SIP return calculator that enables you to take a smart and calculative decision after knowing the exact results. However, if we talk about the earlier times, this online tool was not available, hence it was a complex task for people to calculate the accumulated amount for fixed SIP. But today, investing in SIP has become a hassle-free and easy going process that you can anytime from anywhere invest your hard money in the best scheme before calculating the accumulated amount online in SIP Return Calculator.

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