Things to take care of when travelling with a child

Being an expert on travelling, we can tell you that it needs a little more planning when kids are involved in the trip. Today, we will teach you everything you need to know when you have a child along with you on your journey. This holds true for any trip via any mode of transportation. So, pay attention and keep everything in mind.

What is the weight you are allowed to carry?

If your trip is starting and ending with an aeroplane, then you need to keep in mind the weight of the luggage that you are allowed to carry. You have to make it a point to check the regulations that prevail in different airports. Breast milk, Baby food, and formula are allowed by every airline in adequate quantities without applying any rules on them. Check with your airline if they will be charging you more for your strollers, car seats or cribs.

Keep the essentials in track.

Never for one second put the most important bag out of your sight. You need to carry everything that matters the most on the trip in here. It starts with tickets, passports, itinerary, details and bookings about travelling and so on. You have to make room for that special bunny in your handbag without which your child will not sleep. Your handbag should be that piece of luggage that has everything which is expensive and can’t be replaced. Keep your wallet, mobile, chargers, adapters, iPad, earphones, sunglasses, medicines for pain, lamp, and everything that is crucial. Make this list of basic items days before you leave. Put it in the refrigerator and check out every item when you take them.

Use of organisers.

It is nothing but messy, hectic and time consuming to pack a lot of items without the use of organisers. These organisers are lightweight, sturdy and extremely easy to place inside your main luggage. Now, put labels on each organiser. This will help you know which one contains your items and which one has your child’s. Carry a few extra ones for worn or dirty clothes.

The emergency bag.

When you have a child on board, this is the essential bag. You can reach out to it quickly during the time of need.

  1.    Supplies for your child.
  2.    Water bottle.
  3.    Snacks, candies and anything else they have a knack for.
  4.    Chewing gum to put them at ease during flying. As kids feel a lot of pressure on their ears during flying.
  5.    You have to carry items to keep your child entertained during travelling. It can involve comic books, colours, card games, small and compact sized travel games, stickers and so on.
  6.    Toothbrush, toothpaste, and a pair of night dress.
  7.    A fleece jacket and an extra couple of outfit for them if they spill or puke in the one they are wearing.
  8.    Give them a DVD player with headphones and their favourite collection of DVDs. This will keep them engaged.

Things you can’t miss out on.

When you travel with a toddler, you feel like carrying the entire house with you. But, that won’t be possible. So, keep these in mind when you pack.

Medicines. You need to pack first aid items (gauze, adhesive, bandages, antiseptic ointments and so on). Pack medicines for allergies, stomach infection, fever medicines, cold medicines, lozenges for a sore throat, itch and inflammation control creams, sunburn lotions, repellents for mosquitos and insects. Water bottles, thermometer, nail clippers and tweezers are important too.

Clothes. You need to pack clothes that your child will be protected in. They should be comfortable, versatile, light and work as layers. Bathing suits, raincoats, underwear, socks, and pyjamas are significant to pack.

Waterproof items. If you are planning a trip to a place where there are chances of rainfall, then make sure you are prepared. Carry raincoats and pants for your children. Galoshes and shoes that give them the right grip. Don’t forget their shampoos, conditioners, sunscreen lotions, face cream, body cream, wipes, soaps, and towels.

Carry a small empty bag. When kids are on a trip, they would love to buy souvenirs and other fancy items. It would make them happy if they can bring back an article from their trip. So, carry a small bag where your child can put every item big or small that he or she fancied on the trip.

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This is the list that you need to keep in mind when you are travelling with a kid. It doesn’t matter if this is your first trip with your child if you follow the steps we asked you to diligently then you are covered for every scenario.

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