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Tips for shopping at Goodwill Stores that Sell Donated Items  

Shopping is such a fun outing and with so many options in the market, it is difficult to stop ourselves from going shopping every other week. Thrift shops are a great place to find affordable items. Mentioned below are some great tips to help you while getting the most out of shopping at goodwill stores that sell donated items.

Things to keep in mind while shopping at Thrift stores

Keep visiting!

Thrift stores keep changing their stock continuously. So, it is best advised to keep visiting the stores frequently as and when possible to find the stuff you are looking for. Since the items keep changing, some days you might find a lot of things that you like and other days you might not like anything. MERS Missouri Goodwill has some great collection which keeps changing every week for you to explore and buy!

Timing matters!

There are a lot of yard sales that happen during weekends, so logically if you end up going to your local goodwill on a Monday, it is likely that you find a lot of new stuff which has been recently donated. Visiting a store after big holidays like Christmas etc. is a great idea since a lot of people clean up their houses and cupboards and donate a lot of things. Try visiting the stores during the earlier part of the day as many people come in early and pick up all the good stuff. So, get there early and have a chance to get the good stuff first hand!

Make a list

Just entering the store and wandering around can result in you missing out some great stuff. By making a list beforehand of the things that you need, you will automatically notice them in the store. Making a list also helps when in case you don’t find the things on your list during a visit you can always keep that item for your next visit and not forget about it.

Patience is the key

If you like something at the store but you think it is overpriced, it is a smart decision to wait it out. If the product is very expensive it is likely that others too will find it pricey and not pick it up. If you visit the store in the coming weeks you might notice that they would have reduced the price of the product. So, patience helps!


It is always best to give away stuff before getting anything else in your home. If you keep bringing in and don’t remove your house will soon be overflowing with clutter. Make sure to carry something to donate every time you visit a goodwill store. Remember, something that you may not use anymore can be very useful to someone else!

These tips can be extremely useful to get the best out of shopping. Keep a lookout for sales and be assured to find some really good products at very reasonable prices!


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