Toilet Clog Frequently

Does Your Toilet Clog Frequently? Find Out Why!

The most common thing in a house is toilet clogging and unfortunately, it gets too late until realized that it has been clogged. The best part of it is that these can be unclogged by yourself if the problem is minor. However, if the problem is major then you need a plumbing expert for it.

Following are some reasons why the toilet gets clogged frequently:

Draining The Wrong Items

Toilets are meant for draining the human waste and toilet paper, however, when anything other than these two items is flushed down the toilet then it gets clogged. Yes, even your dental floss can clog your toilet, so, be aware! This unwanted stuff does not move and settle in the drainage pipe somewhere, unlike toilet paper and end up clogging the drainage pipe. Therefore, it is always advisable to take proper precautions before it gets too late. Ensure your children and you do not flush the wrong stuff as it may be a pain in the neck later on.

Problem with The Trap

The drainage pipes have a U-shaped trap which is always flooded with water. Due to this water, the fouling smell from the sewage pipe does not enter the house. This drainage trap is excellent in keeping the stuff flowing, however, just because of its shape, this is also a great place where all the stuff stays and can clog the drain. Even if you have flushed the right things, this can get blocked with excessive use of toilet paper. Here, the most important aspect is how your trap has been fixed with the drainage pipes. If these traps are not fixed properly then chances are it will surely clog your toilet later or sooner. For an expert fitting, never compromise on the experience of your plumbing team. If you are facing the same problem and do not know the solution of it then contacting can help you in many certain ways.  

Feeble Flatter

In the toilet tank, we have a rubber gasket which is known as the flatter. This plays an important role in flushing the stuff in the pot as it allows the water to flush all the stuff from the pot to drain pipes. However, if the flatter does not work properly then the water flow is less which does not allow all the waste to flush down the drain in one go which clogs your drain in the long run. If you do not know how to fix it then call an expert immediately before this turns into a big problem.

Check The Roof

It is not always the drain pipe that you need to check during the draining problem. In fact, the major problem can be in the toilet vents. The toilets vents are connected to plumbing fixtures to let fresh air pass through it. As soon as the water drains, the air takes the place of the vacuum. Therefore, these vents can get clogged due to leaves and debris leading to no drainage at all. This can only be fixed by a professional as rooftop vents need to be cleaned and that is not a layman’s job.

Now, do you know the cause

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