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Want to Invest in Mirae Asset Mutual Fund? Read This Before Investing

Many of you will surely agree on the fact that when it comes to investing in a mutual fund, it is absolutely not an easy thing to do. That’s Right! It requires a lot of experience and expertise to know when and where to invest. The timing has to be right if you want to reap the maximum benefits in the future.

These days, many fund houses are there, best known for offering the variety of schemes to all. Right from equity, debt to hybrid, these financial firms with their widest range of funds ensure that you meet all your financial goals. This is the reason that nowadays people are showing their keen interest to invest in funds.

So, if you are someone who is willing to park the money in MF, don’t know which fund house is the best, don’t you worry at all as this article is here to help. Yes, reading this article would be worth for you as we are going to talk Mirae Asset mutual fund.

Being one of the reputed names in the industry, there is no denying the fact that this fund house since its inception has been best known for catering the financial needs of one and all. If you are in a state of dilemma and are getting confused as which scheme to choose, all you need to do is just read the article further…

Below we have listed some top performing funds for you so that you can easily make a pick. So, without wasting any time further let’s get started…

Equity Fund

Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund

NAV: 15.92

Return Since Inception:29.38%

Started On:28 December, 2015

1 Year Return: 30.89%

1 Year SIP Return: 37.05%

AUM:₹ 586.17 Cr

Minimum Investment:₹ 500

Expense Ratio: 2.56%

Fund Manager: Neelesh Surana

Portfolio Holdings: HDFC Bank Ltd (7.83%), ICICI Bank Ltd (4.91%), Indusind Bank Ltd (3.87%), Tata Global Beverages Ltd (3.71%), Infosys Ltd (3.7%), Grasim Industries Ltd. (3.53%), Raymond Ltd. (3.42%), Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. (3.31%), Tata Steel Ltd. (3.22%), Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (3.07%)

Sectoral Holdings: Financial (29.77%), Automobile (8.4%), Services (7.63%), FMCG (6.54%), Healthcare (6.41%), Energy (6.01%), Metals (5.84%), Engineering (5.41%), Chemicals (5.04%), Technology (4.54%)

Debt Fund

Mirae Asset Savings Fund

NAV: 1462.19

Return Since Inception:7.41%

Started On:05 March, 2008

1 Year Return: 6.31%

5 Year SIP Return: 6.95%

AUM:₹ 417.85 Cr

Minimum Investment:₹ 5,000

Expense Ratio: 0.98%

Fund Manager:Mahendra Kumar Jajoo

Portfolio Holdings: Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. 29/04/2019 8.10% (6.07%), HDB Financial Services Ltd. 25/10/2019 7.78% (6.02%),Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. 05/10/2017(5.98%), Indusind Bank Ltd. 06/10/2017 (5.98%), Axis Bank Ltd. 10/10/2017 (5.97%), Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. 60-D 28/11/2017 (5.92%), Edelweiss Commodities Services Ltd. 91-D 27/10/2017 (4.76%), Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd. 23/06/2020 8.58%(3.59%), Shriram Transport Finance Co. Ltd. 17/01/2019 7.60%(3.59%), HDFC Bank Ltd. 11/10/2017 (3.58%)

Hybrid Fund

Mirae Asset Prudence Fund

NAV: 13.35

Return Since Inception:13.87%

Started On:29 July, 2015

1 Year Return: 19.76%

2 Year SIP Returns: 20.47%

AUM:₹ 794.84 Cr

Minimum Investment:₹ 5,000

Expense Ratio: 2.61%

Fund Manager:Mahendra Kumar Jajoo, Neelesh Surana & Sudhir Kedia

Portfolio Holdings: HDFC Bank Ltd. (7.55%), GOI 15/05/2027 6.79%(5.39%), ICICI Bank Ltd. (4.46%), Infosys Ltd. (3.43%), Grasim Industries Ltd (3.41%), Reliance Industries Ltd. (2.6%), Housing Development Finance Corpn. Ltd. (2.6%), Larsen & Toubro Ltd.(2.56%), Vedanta Ltd. (2.51%), Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. (2.5%)

Sectoral Holdings: Financial (24.62%), Energy (8.19%), FMCG (6.42%), Technology (6.02%), Automobile (5.92%), Metals (4.38%), Diversified (3.41%), Healthcare (3.21%), Services (3.13%), Engineering (3.07%)


Disclaimer- Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.


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