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Want to Make Your ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment? Choose from these Methods

When it comes to a credit card, the private lender ICICI Bank ranks among the leaders in the space by providing a host of cards loaded with discounts, reward points, cashback and much more. And with the growing usage of the cards comes the bill on the date of its generation.

And you would very well know that paying it on time is an absolute necessity so as to prevent undue charges like late payment fees, interest and taxes to add to the dues in the next billing cycle. Say thanks to ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment methods which are easy to understand and use. So, if you are an ICICI Bank Credit Card holder, you can opt for any of the following methods to pay off the dues.

ICICI Credit Card Payment Through IMPS

You can make a payment of your ICICI card dues using the IMPS Merchant Payment Option via the mobile app or the website of the bank. All you need is to download the ICICI Bank App – iMobile from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Upon its download, you should generate Mobile Pin and activate the App. Subsequently, you are required to open the mobile application and login to Mobile Banking. Following which you need to click on to bank account for accessing a separate link for IMPS. Click the link before selecting the merchant payment.

Now it’s about feeding the bank account number from which the payment has to be made under Source Account Field, while also entering merchant mobile number and Mobile Money Identifier (MMID). As soon as it’s done, you just need to enter the amount you want to pay and ICICI Credit Card Number under Payment Reference field before selecting go and clicking on the confirm button. Afterward, you can see the transaction details on your screen, in addition to receiving an SMS quoting the same. The payment will thus get credited to account within 24 hours.

Credit Card Payment Through Debit Card

While opting to pay the Credit Card dues by debit cards, you need to follow some simple steps which are illustrated below.

  • Select your debit card type (VISA, Master, etc)
  • Enter your ICICI Bank Credit Card Number Twice
  • Feed in the outstanding amount against your credit card before clicking ‘Pay Now’
  • Subsequently, you will get redirected to a secure payment gateway.
  • As soon as you confirm the transaction, the payment will get processed by debiting the required amount from your debit card.
  • You will receive an online confirmation of the transaction on its completion.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Login

Internet Banking also offers a convenient way to pay off your card dues. If you have an access to it, you can then immediately add the credit card to the biller list and make the payment. On card getting added to the list of billers, you will receive an SMS and e-mail from the bank showing the dues to be paid on or before a specific date.

Taking a cue from the SMS, you can make the payment accordingly. Another option is to set an ‘Auto Pay’, which will process your card dues automatically from your ICICI Bank account. And you can even use the Internet Banking of other banks to make the payment of your ICICI Bank Credit Card dues.

Those who do not hold an access to Net Banking will have to register it, before following the above process.

ICICI Credit Card Statement – Gives You a Summary of Your Card Shopping

How will you know your card bill? The answer is simple – via an e-mail statement provided by ICICI Bank. The statement, besides showing the total outstanding, will also indicate the minimum due, reward points, and the charges, if any. It will show the date on or before which the payment has to be made. You can even get an SMS showing the total due, minimum due and the due date of payment.

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Now you must be wondering about minimum due, right? Actually, this is calculated at 5% of the total outstanding balance in a particular billing cycle. Paying off the same can prevent late payment charges but will add interest and taxes to inflate the bill in the next billing cycle, and so on if you keep doing the same.

So, follow these easy bill payment methods and keep shopping happily with ICICI Bank Credit Cards. Do take advantage of the reward points and cashback offers, along with the latest benefits that the private bank rolls out periodically.

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