Waterproof Shade Sail

Waterproof Shade Sail Effective All-Weather Solutions

Finding an effective and brilliant way to ensure that outdoor entertainment is not hampered, irrespective of the weather conditions is a matter of concern in places getting a lot of rainfall? Not only does it helps to keep dry, waterproof shade sails are equally effective in protection against sun and wind. The customized new age designs allow homeowners to choose the right specifications for their outdoor space. It is a concept of the past that cloth is the only material for building shade sails. Modern day shade sails are made from a variety of different materials that makes their waterproofing feature hundred percent effective. Modern day shade building materials are technologically advanced to ensure complete blocking of the harmful UV rays of the sun apart from keeping the outdoor area dry. This is a cost-effective option for your house and by installing these waterproof shade sails you can protect your home from heavy rainfall and winds.

Usually, the fabric used for building waterproof shade sails is a Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) material with waterproofing properties. The main composition of the fabric is polyester, with plasticizers added for providing flexibility to the fabric and is coated with PVC on both sides which makes it a weather barrier. The flexibility of the material aids in simple installation and handling ease.

These are heavily used to cover school yards, playgrounds, cafes and bistro type open areas. You should choose a right size according to your requirement because they also give you a beautiful look for your home.

Waterproof shade sails are used widely for a range of applications. Apart from household and private activity space, they are excellent for use in commercial and residential carports, private and common walkways etc.

A number of reasons may be cited in support of using waterproof shades, such as:

  • Affordable Shading Solution: Many customers looking for shading options are often under the impression that waterproof shade sails are quite expensive. Contrary to this idea, there are nowadays a number of shading options, especially the PVC varieties that offer a range of benefits like affordability, ease of handling and maintenance, simplicity of installation and durability to mention a few.
  • Rain Barrier: As the name suggests, these shading solutions offer great protection from water. The PVC coating ensures hundred percent water resistances, without blocking out the natural light. These are very tough, even in very harsh climatic conditions.
  • UV Ray Protection: Though waterproof shade sails are designed ideally to offer protection against water; some varieties of fabric have additional coatings, a UVR coating to block up to ninety nine percent of the sun rays.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Effective for a wide range of applications, these are usually very popular in schools, kindergartens and pool shades to mention a few.
  • Heat and Glare Reduction: A certain variety of shade sail fabric, known as the Driz, is known to be very effective in reducing the heat underneath, apart from its waterproofing feature, making it an excellent choice for driveways, walkways, patios and pool shades.

Waterproof Shade Sails

Though standard shade sails are both affordable and attractive, they are usually made from cloth and hence are not waterproof. It is recommended to opt for waterproof varieties if an all-weather protection for the application is required. With the advent of technologically advanced materials waterproof shade sails come in a wide variety of pocket friendly options to choose from. It is a concept of the past that shade sails that come with waterproofing features are essentially complex and expensive. Today’s products are customized to suit the user requirements. Starting from ease of installation to the simplicity of cleaning and maintenance, modern day waterproof shades are the ultimate solution for all weather protection.

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